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How much was the bale? So is that a full bale, still strung, plus a bit of compost to plant in?

Yes still strung.

I'm dead interested as well.  Give us the low down Roger. 

Unfortunately not cheap - $7 a bale. I used to drive over to Jacobs Well and load up a trailer. $40 per large round bale and $4 per rectangular bale. Don't know whether they still sell from the farm, but in times of the Corona Virus, I got it delivered. I could have used mushroom compost to spread over the top and plant into. This would be much better to prevent all and sundry compost seeds from sprouting, but I'm sure that MY homemade compost will give the seedlings a much bigger boost to their growth - I just need to get off my backside and weed the bed. Oh well there's always tomorrow!

$7 isn't that big hardware store prices.  LOL. 

Roger, that's where we get our sugar cane much from.  Sometime before September, we go over and buy in bulk by the trailer-load.  We have the trailer but the better half is not as strong as he used to be.  They always have some soil or bark bags cheap as well.  

That is the way we keep our weeds down. 

yeah $7 is cheap for city siders lol. I know of others how swear by this - they have the bales on their concrete driveway for extra growing space then at the end of the life of the bale, goes onto the rest of the yard!

World sugar price  had dropped  and the only thing helping the farmers is the low Australian dollar  when you look at sugar price is very expensive  mulch.

Domestic demand is way up at the moment. I hope that helps them a bit. 

Fabulous Idea Roger. I will see how yours goes and maybe give it a go on top of the veg Garden. By the way I have a flower on one of my Tomatoes, yippi!!!

Dianne, have you seen my "growing in sugar cane bales" post it has a photo of one of my black krim tomatoes.

Hi everyone, asked an experienced gardener about this and she said this works for hay straw bales but not so much with sugar cane mulch as the sugar cane tends to get more mouldy and gross quicker. Good luck :)


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