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anyone  ever tried to strike rose cuttings by placing them in a potato - 1. does it work - 2. what stops the potato from sprouting 3. does it work for other plant cutting too?

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I'd love to know the theory behind it. I have seen on TV that cuttings can be dipped in honey instead of rooting hormones. My success with cuttings has been abysmal except for the advanced cuttings from Tomatoes, most of those do root in water and grow on successfully.

we often dip our cuttings in honey - usually have a 50% success rate - have had good success with mulberries brown figs  blueberries ( actually all berries, grapes  kei apples and most flowering plants but lost all our capulin cherries yellow jabotacaba Shahtoots and black and green figs -  yes trying to find out the science behind it   a friend says she belongs to a ladies garden group and they are experimenting with different growing  media for cuttings and potatoes is one of them ! cant wait to hear their results ! 

Mary-Ann, I have not tried cuttings with Jaboticaba as I have a few except for the yellow one. There is an article HERE.  Also try putting some cuts into the bottom end of the stem to get it rooted.

My shahtoots are grafted, so it would not work with mine.   I would love to get a capulin cherry, if anyone sees them for sale on Daleys, please let me know. I have seen the use of potato for striking cutting before but not tried it.

yes I have been waiting for Capulin cherry for a while even been offered cuttings but life keeps getting in the way ! 

Sounds interesting, will be interested in seeing the results, perhaps the sugars in the potatoes aides in the cuttings striking, much the same way as the honey works.

I found these Videos


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