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This spiel is being written on Word. No photos will be added. I have had it with our website. The only reason I am sending this is that Sophie asked a question, and it would be rude to ignore it. I may be technologically inept, but I try not to be rude.

I grow most of my carrots this way after having some trouble with roots forking, due to using too rich a growing medium. I fill the tubes to nearly full using a good quality potting mix only with no additives. The mix has some slow release granules and this is enough nutrient for the carrots. For 100 mm tubes I will grow 4 carrots spaced out around the tube, for 75 mm 3 carrots. As it is difficult with such small seed to precisely place the carrot seed I will wait until the seedlings appear, then adjust by thinning out and if needed planting more in the spaces. When the carrots are about half / three quarters gown, I will start harvesting 2 of the 4 from a tube to give the bigger ones more room to swell. I have around 8 tubes per tyre and around a dozen tyres.
I have just started to plant out for this years crop. As I have grown in the same potting mix for two years now, I am changing the mix. The mix that has been in the tubes is not wasted and is now topping up other containers around the yard to counter the slump that occurs when we use loads of organic matter in our soil mixes. I plant out around two tyres worth at a time spaced out over a couple of months to spread the harvest. This keeps us in carrots for around 8 months of the year. I grow mostly Red Cored Chantenay which has a thick root.
Be careful to not allow the roots to become too large as they will get wedged in the tube, and will be very difficult to get out.

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Now that the text is on the page,I will try to add some additional photos. It must be Tuesday today, the website works on Tuesdays?

so awesome - I will give it a try. Just picked up some pvc pipes from kurbside pickup !

thank you - much appreciated and don't worry about tech hassles... all good


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