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Some of my cherry tomatoes never make it to ripe and red. I found out today that you can make chutney with unripe tomatoes.

What recipe do you use?

Here are a few examples but not tested.

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Are you talking about the thread I put in Andy??

Between you, Carol and Valarie we have four recipes now.  It's not a criticism Dianne.  I'm very grateful - but I reckon if we go looking for tomato chutney recipes, we'll look in recipes not the usual discussion place.   I'm actually looking quite forward to coming back to this thread for some chutney making fun.  

Sorry Andy you have misunderstood me and I shouldn';t have called it the thread I should have said which website. I just wasn't sure which website you were asking for the good recipes from. 

No, I meant you guys put up good recipes and links here on our own website - in this thread. 

I found this link which is interesting.

Good spot Valerie.  I'm starting to think I'm going to have to take them green.  Damn rats are slaughtering mine. 



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