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Some of my cherry tomatoes never make it to ripe and red. I found out today that you can make chutney with unripe tomatoes.

What recipe do you use?

Here are a few examples but not tested.

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green tomato jam is good too ! 

As is green Tomato sauce with Caraway. I do have a recipe for this and I've made it several times.

I found the recipe you posted on BLF. I have enough to try all of these. Thank you.

My goodness, why did I ever wait for these b*** tomatoes to ripen?

I have a tested green tomato chutney recipe that is very good.  It's one that's been passed down the family line.  I will get it out and post shortly.  I have jars of it in the cupboard.

I'd be keen to see a tried and tested version Carol. 

Yes please and even better bring some to our next garden visit if you can pretty please!

Just by the way, Valarie.  You were right about my tomato mites. 

Green Tomato Chutney

2lb Green Tomatoes

2lb Onions

2 Cups Vinegar

3 Cups Sugar

2 level Tbls Salt

2 level Tbls Curry Powder

2 level Tbls Corn Flour

Stir vinegar into dry ingredients; add tomatoes and onion; boil for half an hour while stirring.

Cool and bottle.

"Keens" curry powder is best for this recipe.

Thanks for the recipe Carol. Don't you love this time of the year. Our Tomato Plants are also doing well, every-time I put all my Preserving equipment away it is time to get it out again. Made this yesterday with ripe Cherry Tomatoes...  It's lovely if you like a little spice in your Chutney (we love to make all kinds of Chutney here and thanks must go to India for introducing it into our Culinary Repertoire, and UK for seeing the merit of it's uses, not just as an accompaniment to Curries). 

lol I've eaten my cherry tomatoes while garden. They keep me going. I'll look at the recipe thanks.

This thread is now become a great source of chutney recipes so I've moved it to "recipes."   Feel free to chip in any more tomato chutney recipes you know are good!



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