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I am wanting to make Cheese on Saturday 28th (Feta, Ricotta and Camembert Cheese) & Sunday 29th (a Hard Cheese). 

I am looking for someone to make Cheese with as it is nice for me to have someone else working alongside me.

Please bare in mind I am not a Cheesemaking Tutor but someone who has a keen eye, and taste for different Cheeses. I have enough equipment for 2 people to work alongside me.

There is no charge for my showing you how to do the Cheesemaking but you will need to either bring your own milk & cream or I supply it for you and you reimburse me, there would also be a small charge for the cultures used unless you already have your own.

If I get more people wanting to make Cheese, I will be doing it every 2nd weekend (while the weather is not too hot), when we do not have any BLF GV's but I can give more dates later. You will see some of my Cheese in the Photos at top of page.

Enjoy your Cheesemaking and Gardening Adventures...Dianne

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I would love to join you to make some more cheese. I really enjoyed doing that the last time. Unfortunately you have picked day 1 and day 2 of my golf club championships and I really believe that I have a chance of winning something this year. Graham will probably disagree, but after gaining a few more strokes on my handicap I have now joined the rest of the NOT VERY GOOD GOLFERS,  who play in C Grade and who knows what might happen? The following weekend is rounds 3 and 4 so they are out too. I'm sure that you will get a few takers for this, I fully recommend this to anyone who is interested. If I could make good cheese under Dianne's tuition then anyone can. 

Sounds interesting Dianne, I'd love to come along.  If you still have a spot available, I'm happy to take it. 

I would love to have you join me. I will send you my address etc by Personal Email to your INBOX in the next couple of days.

Thanks Dianne, looking forward to it.


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