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Give 30 minutes a week and you can have a free garden at Mango Hill


Jody Wall wants to start a community garden on his 32-acre Mango Hill property.

Source: Quest Newspapers

Mango Hill farmer Jody Wall wants to share his passion for sustainable gardening and has opened up his 32-acre farm to anyone willing to lend a hand.

Mr Wall is inviting people to come and garden on his property in exchange for 30 minutes helping him.

``I've got plenty of land and water and a hot house and would be happy for people to come and garden here if they are willing to lend a hand for about half an hour a week,'' Mr Wall said.

Mr Wall, his parents, plenty of ducks, geese and chickens share the property that backs on to Hays Inlet.

It has already been planted out with about 200 macadamia trees and other fruit trees including orange, apple, jackfruit, lemon and tropical varieties.

His vision is to share his land with others so they can farm their own fresh produce following permaculture gardening principles including chemical-free growing.

Inspired in his youth by the English television program  River Cottage, Mr Wall became fascinated in a self-sustainable lifestyle after living in the city about two-and-a-half years ago.

Since then, he's been researching  as much as he can.

``It's like riding the tiger - once you get on you can't get off,'' Mr Wall said. ``I realised to eat really good food all the time, I need to grow it myself.''

Mr Wall also has plans to offer the garden as a learning centre for schools.

Those interested in Mr Wall's offer can email him at

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What a guy! I hope that it succeeds for him :-)

What a great man. Can we visit him first?

His email is at the bottom of the ad Yiheng - let us know how you go.

This is fantastic! The idea of a privately owned (and I suspect cleverly managed) community garden is brilliant.  I suspect this is beyond win-win into some tripple win situation.  How clever is that?

Landshare is an Australia-wide registry of private land available for cultivation. I believe there are agreements for both parties to follow.

I anyone does take up Jody's generous offer can you keep us posted please. Group visits can be arranged to check out progress and keep the interest going.

Text of email I received from Jody after I emailed to him with contact details for Landshare.

"Well the idea is that those that decide to farm out here do so as a community, with a shared work load, and a shared bounty. There won't be individual lots as such, though that doesn't necessarily have to be a hard and fast rule. What I'm aiming at is a more community oriented idea. For people with different knowledge and skills to join and help each other. As well as the obvious side benefit of the work I get done. I simply have too much land, and combined with a back injury, I don't have the time or people power to properly utilise it all.

"We are having a get together this Sunday, starting at 0900. Bring aeroguard, long sleeves, and long pants. A pair of decent shoes for working in, and a salad or such to share at lunch. I will put on the snags. The day is mostly to sort out what people would like to do, what each others expectations are, and what each persons abilities, and availability is, along with what I expect. It will be very informal, and kids are welcome. Just no dogs.
Jody Wall
Farm Manager
J.C. Farms"

I'm not going so it would be good to hear from someone who does.

Wow! I agree what a guy, what a concept! Am trying to change plans for Sunday so I can go along! Will let you know if I make it.

Happy Gardening!

Did anyone attend on Sunday? Can they give us a little feedback please?

Sorry, unfortunately could not make it after all. Going to send him email and see how went, arrange to possibly go over.

Thanks Ness. If you want, let me know when you are going and I'll see if I have the day off to go with you.

Hi Lisa. Just had a response from Jody, he was really happy with turnout.

"We have a few experienced gardeners, a few brown thumbs, and a few that haven't had the opportunity before. We set out a brief plan of action, I tried describing what I have envisioned as a permacuture, and community farm, and how that would fit with each persons expectations. So I think it went well. I suspect out of the 30 odd that turned up, we might be down to 20 realistic regulars, but that still would be great."

We are welcome to join the group on Saturday morning, to get a feel of the farm. Plan on going along if want to come Lisa.

Happy Gardening.


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