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Just received an email from Green Harvest that their planting-Garlic is ready to buy.

There's comprehensive growing notes by Frances Michaels. Frances is the owner of Green Harvest and a horticulturalist.

Anyone can get on their email list and it's worth it sometimes if only to drool ;-)

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Great growing notes, thanks for the link Elaine.

Did anyone by chance ever have a crack at growing the glen large type garlic?

Somewhere in the BLF archives there should be a report on Glen Large. Recall whoever it was who posted, that the results were disappointing. Don't know the reasons though.

I did last year and got nothing.  Having said that, I've never managed to produce garlic at my place. 

I sadly killed off all Elaine's garlic last year though I have noticed some spike up the other day, will have to keep an eye on them. No idea what that's about. Maybe they are imposters... I would love some good garlic this year. Would be keen to know what was a success for you

I have just pulled up my garlic plants and at least 1 of them is very impressive in relation to what has been achieved before. I planted these from my previous plantings and the ones I planted before were Glenlarge and Italian Red. I don't know what this one is but I suspect Glenlarge. Most of the garlic is an improvement on what has been achieved before but this one is by far the best.So I am moving in the right direction, and will use most of this head as my seed for next years plantings. The bed it was grown in was an above ground bed which has lots of horse manure incorporated.

Thats a big head Roger,I didnt even bother this year as I couldnt get any of that glen large type.I have previously grown garlic without great success from some Australian type garlic I bought in coles or woolies.

I've stopped growing Garlic too. For all that we use of it. Even when baking, remembering to get some Garlic to cook is a step too far at times. I can buy organic Garlic from my organic delivery service and also at Woolies.

Horse manure is good stuff for Garlic. Only use the outside cloves (not sure why though) and never use any small cloves. I always found that I had a mixed bag of results. See the way the cloves are splitting away from each other? Pull it earlier next year, once the first lot of leaves start to look ratty, that's the cue to pull the lot. It stores better if the skins are intact.

Well done Roger!!

My Elephant garlic is going well still.  It has not fattened at the base, as of two or three weeks ago.  Having said that, the tops aren't really dead either.  

This is the first year that I might actually have some success.  Otherwise, I have a good crop of leeks.  


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