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On the final Gardening Australia for this year, an item about Brush Turkeys. For gardeners beset by these creatures, apart from a 1-way trip to the oven (illegal :-( ) it seems making gardens and fences higher than the bird can see is as good a deterrent as any. Not having any first-hand knowledge (phew) I defer to the expert Professor. I'm interested to hear from BLFers who face the 'menace' on how the Prof's tips work for you.

If you missed the programme, go to ABCTV, either look for Gardening Australia or iView and see the programme on the computer.

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Apparently, you put it in a pot with a large rock.  Boil until the rock is soft, throw away the turkey and eat the rock. 

Are you suggesting we export them Jeff lol.

Understandable, that that could be a tempting solution to the BT problem, Lissa! ;)

My turkey visitor jumped maybe 15-20 fences of different heights  to reach me. Many with dogs-in-yard...and travelled 500 metres from the primary school scrub.

My own fences are dense and 1.5 metres high....

However, an unstable cable across the top of a high fence -- even rope or string,maybe nylon line but I assume wire also -- seems to make em think twice before leaping up. If  they get in, the bird likes to make sure it can quickly get out...and I suspect that's the trick.

If you have chooks you are a target for sure. 

My 2 dogs were indifferent to the bird as it was  (a) a day time visitor (b) fossicking among dense vegetation, and (c) didn't make any bird like sounds.It was also bigger than they.

I see the bird when I work the school garden and it comes no wear near those veges. When we get chooks there, the dynamic will surely change.

I agree mate. 

Actually, I wonder why that is so?  Bush Turkeys are renown for being loners.  They don't even raise their young.  But Percy was really attracted to my chooks.... I ended up catching her because she walked into the pen and I just shut the door behind her!  Why on earth do solo Turkeys want to flock with chooks?!

The turkeys in our area must be the most hated.  Poor things, it doesn't help that they are ugly. Even carpet snakes aren't interested in them.   Don't forget Andrew, they have bigger legs than most chooks, and one sweep can move some vegetation, male or female.  Here they fly from roof to roof, so they can obviously see which yards have dogs or not. 

Percy (who was a girl) did periodic destruction but.... apparently, the males just take apart your whole yard.  Imagine every bit of mulch or greenery stuffed into a big heap.  I suspect that would make me just a little bit angry. 

They've actually taken over the (now-former) compost heap at Kumbartcho, Andrew (yes, more than a little frustrating, dealing with BTs in a native plant nursery!) :o

Wish I had taken a photo of the pile they made in my yard when they scraped up every bit of mulch around - they moved my mulch pile, took all from around the plants including the pots -  it was quite a shock when I came home from work to find this in the back yard - lots of work to dismantle it but didn't want a nest in my yard.  Both the turkeys and their nests are protected.

They walk all over the streets around Kenmore where I work. Including Moggil Rd. I often see one totally flat.

I watched this with my daughter this afternoon, and even before they were on, I said to her, 'OOh, I bet they're going to talk to Prof. Jones!' That story then distracted us from what we'd been earlier planning to do after GA finished - we got 'side-tracked' into building a vegie patch instead! ;)


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