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Diane mentioned a few places where she gets her garden supplies. I can't remember the exact names. Something about Luxury supplies? I am talking about bags and pegs etc. Where is your favourite spot?

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Probably Green Harvest. Followed by Bunnings.

Redcliffe Produce at Rothwell for Organic Xtra, worm castings, Mt Syliva rock dust, Gypsum, composted animal manures; Bunnings for seedlings; Green Harvest and a few other seed sellers.

and Daleys for fruit trees of course :)

green harvest, Theos, local produce store (Dayboro- they order anything in we need ) Masters though for not much longer ! Bunnings  in that order !

   It used to be the av jennings scrap bin for  me lol,my bad jokes aside It probably will be  back to bunnings such a shame masters will be going soon

jokes aside we do a lot of our shopping at the Dakabin resource recovery centre ! absolutely awesome place for fence possts , tools,  PVC pipes panels, fence wire garden ornaments pots etc etc etc !!!! take a trailer and usually can fill it with oddments for under $100. all the things a man needs in his shed ! just eed to find some good shade cloth and netting ! and paving stones etc = dont think these jobs will ever be competed! 

Valerie, I believe Dianne orders some of her tools etc from Burgon and Ball and her slate plant markers from Heaven in Earth.  

Oo pretty,thanks


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