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Great to see the photos of members gardens that are thriving this time of year. In many of them I’ve noticed the exclusion netting.
My tomatoes got destroyed last year which were the only crop I had since we just moved house to Deagon.
So I’m now getting a bit concerned about my passionfruit, grapes and tomatoes. I’ve bought exclusion bags for grapes and tomatoes. Should I be worried about passionfruit (Panama red) being attacked? Or is the skin to thick.
Are most things attacked by fruit fly? I’ve got a good crop of Cucumbers and chillies growing.

I’ve heard the pests mentioned frequently, but until this time last year, I never came across them.


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Hi Tony ... good to see a new member posting!

Passionfruit would be too tough for the fruit fly.

Getting the soil right - the microbes, the organic matter and with regular watering and growing crops in their season, there should be little problems with fruit fly. Or other pests or diseases.

Hi Tony, in my experience fruit fly mainly attack my tomatoes, capsicums, chilies and fruits like guavas, feijoa. I don't think I have seen any problems with cucumbers. No problems with passionfruit. Good luck with your exclusion bags. They have been a help to me.

Thanks for the feedback. My 4yo has been anticipating the passionfruit ever since we planted them August last year. He is very excited when a new fruit emerges from the flower.
I’ve never felt so protective over a crop of food before! So I’m a getting a bit paranoid :)


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