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Noticed many white patches on everyone's lawn this morning while walking to the bus stop, so I bent down to take a closer look and found they were frost!! I've never seen frost before having lived in Brisbane for 19 years ^^" Or maybe I just never noticed~

Anyone else got frost? I hope I didn't get them on my luffa, choko, and pumpkins ~ not much else's in the garden atm, wish I've planted Parsnip or something ~

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I had ice on the roof of my car, hopefully not on the gardens though - still haven't picked up the pumpkins that are still sitting on the garden bed/ lawn!
I saw some white patches driving to uni at 6.45 this morning but refused to believe they were frost! Maybe I was wrong. None in my garden I don't think
Apparently we usually get 1-3 per year (which is why we can just grow low frost requirement stone fruit but some years are better than others). I think we've had more this year already. Should be a good year for nectarines and brussel sprouts :) Yes, I wish my parsnip were up too - I've not seen any, the seed loses viability fast, must have been old, I can't remember. Other things that might benefit include rhubarb, cauliflower and asparagus. We might have been able to grow horseradish and salsify this year (if I had tried).

My pumpkins seem OK despite the frost - although they're not setting new fruit anymore. I might lose some seedlings though - they're still very little.

I feel SO slack I didn't plant the winter crop in March/ April - not until May! Never again!!!
Feel for me, mine didn't get planted (as seeds) until June and a lot just this weekend so we'll see if I get any seedlings up - it might be too cold, then I will have to try in my mini greenhouse box thingie!
Also did you know that frost flows like water - it's cold and heavy air and it flows downhill and collects in pools. Anything frost tender in a dip in the ground will suffer. It only ever gets to a certain thickness as well - say a metre or two of close to zero air at most. I think our garden is mostly frost free because it has raised beds, a downhill slope, good air movement and overhanging trees (which can stop the frost from settling from the air). Mulch stops the roots being damaged by frost - it can buffer soil temperature by about 11 degrees. Life saving.
At least my asparagus would benefit. It only went in as a seedling a couple of months ago ~~ probably not enough for our family.. maybe get a 2 yo crown in spring ~
If you can find Asparagus crowns in Brisbane, then get some and let me know where you found them!

We have 8 plants and that is nowhere enough for two people to get one meal from now and then. A lot might depend on how you cut it - I only cut for about a fortnight then let them grow on, mulch them up then let them grow again. I fertilize regularly with compost. What I do though, is to let the shoots grow up to about a foot/eighteen inches/30cm+ and just snap it off where it will snap, that way you get the tender green part. But then I have seedlings of Connover's Collosal, a heritage variety with aggressive seeding tendencies. When the seeds start to mature, that's when I clear fell and mulch. I've read not to clear fell. Oh well.

E, asparagus muncher extraordinaire ;-)
i have just got some from cabulture markets. it is the 1st time i have ever tried them i will put a photto up .
We got a plant (not a dry crown) from Shipard's Herb Farm in Nambour. It's doing very well. Also 2 small seedlings from Herronswood (diggers club) when we were in Mornington Vic, last year.
Chris, Cabulture markets seems to be so full of goodies!! Like your veggie seedlings & dragonfruits ~~ Too bad it's very far from me :(

Elaine, pardon me for my ignorance, what's clear fell? I've seen a couple of crowns at a nearby plants plus nursery last spring, but I wasn't ready to plant them.. I think they were about $4 or $5 each...
I got ten 2 yo crowns (Mary Washington) from green harvest and was very good and didn't pick them this year so next year should get a good harvest! I am sure I have some photos up on my profile of the bed and I am sure there is a blog somewhere when I first looked at planting them discussing where to put them.

Of the 10 I think I have about 8 that survived (they are overcrowded in a 1.2 x 1.2 bed but seem fine - I will probably separate them next year or the year after).
I have just cut down the ferns ( could be what is meant by clear fell lol) and put them to bed for the winter with heaps of mulch.

I have a few seeds available but crowns are definately better as you can pick from 3yo so don't have to wait as long. You can also separate crowns when they are 5yo I believe. Just checked the website and Green Harvest have them as crowns but not until spring. I also saw them at bunnings once where all the bulbs were but not sure of the quality, green havest have always been really good and actually guarantee some things if they don't grow will replace them.
There are some very good people there and some very average ones ,i have been going for a few years now and have got to now which ones are reliable. the people i get my seedlings from are so popular that you often have to queue at 6.00 for 10 -15 min ,


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