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You may have read this report on a frog hotel in the NT.

This is a frog hotel. Ever seen anything like it?

Stephani Grove, secretary with Barkly Landcare, made one to house all the frogs living in her toilet on Alexandria Station, and said it worked wonders.

"I arrived on the station and was confronted by all these little green tree frogs in my shower, in my toilet, hopping and hitching a ride against my leg when I was walking around my corridors," Ms Grove said.

"I thought this has got to stop, so I looked into some frog hotel designs and found one on the Queensland Museum's webpage."

She transferred the frogs from the bathroom into the hotel, and they love their new home.

In my experience green Tree Frogs aren't interested in my pond.My downpipes, yes -- but not the special places.

So I was all ears...

I thought the build was a pretty cool rig, so I went looking for some background DIY.

I couldn't find anything on the Qld Museum site but I did find this...from Texas!

and this:

and this:

The issues are straightforward:

  • keep cane toads out by elevating its lip/entrance.
  • try not to make it too mosquito friendly
  • maybe offer accommodation choices as in diameter
  • locate it in a cool spot.
  • change the water occasionally

Of course if you choose different gauges  and lengths for your pipes  you would, in fact, be composing  a croak melody.

Maybe don't position the instrument under your bedroom window....

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Love it Dave,  where do you find these hints.  We have been waiting for years to attract frogs to our garden, alas! no luck. The music of green tree frogs would be great.  We will try this. 

So far we have bee hotels, lizard hotels, dog hotels, all occupied but 2 ponds and no frogs.

No Marsh frogs? That's unusual in Brisbane. Do you have plants in your ponds?

Me too.  I'm been thinking this is the next step in the build it and they will come plan.  Although the disappointment from seeing the empty hotel each morning would be tough. And now I know how I could have repurposed that piping from the pool plumbing.  
If they stand in water, I guess you could put them in the pond.

I only had a small gauge length of PVC pipe.A green tree frog can squeeze in real tight fits if it wants. And I wanted to get more bang for my buck...

So rather than build the hotel on the ground, I moved it to a tree.

  • lashed  cups to  tree branches
  • stuck in the piping
  • stuffed the cup with some shade cloth (so mosies aren't welcome)
  • filled the cups with water
  • and voila!

Now we wait...

I was inspired by drain pipes (of course).

I'll chase down some more piping (such as by dumpster diving at building sites) and create 5 ***** dinky dye Green Tree Frog Hotel.

If you think the water resource is of low volume, my rain water tap is nearby for those times the cups dry out.

I'll also -- methinks -- place a couple of pipes upright in my pond if we have contact.

As an afterthought, terracotta wine coolers sitting in water would also work quite well if the lip wasn't too wide for the frog's safety.

Maybe rest a little something to half enclose the lip so birds can't catch a froggie lunch

I put a wine cooler in my pond with its base in the water -- but with its cylindrical shape mixed in among the pond plants.

Mind you, just because you play landlord, it doesn't mean you'll get tenants.

I have three unoccupied microbat boxes in my Silky Oak-- still empty after 3 years.

I used to get them all the time - in fact, some of my best photographic models were frogs.  LOL.  You've given me another project Dave!

Here be 'The Froggie Rest Hotel' surrounded by swimming pool with 3/4 rooftop lid in river rock design.

Since the terracotta is porous the ambience (like the service) is amphibian friendly. 

[Umbrellas can be hired at Reception.]



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