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last year we had a storm and part of the damage was the loss of shed roof and all the watering and  monitoring systems , electric fence etc etc etc so got it all fixed a few weeks ago and spent hours and hours and days  resetting up all the systems  so on Friday a faulty supposedly surge protected power board resulted in a visit from some spunky fire men first reponders paramedics and police - of course that black smoke could be seen for miles and the exploding window glass sounded like gunfire !  - So now we start again ! 

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Good grief! When only the biggest, blackest cloud of smoke will do ;-)

Did this happen in the new shed Mary-Ann?  What a frightening experience to go through with the glass everywhere.

yes the new shed ! Col is devestated having to do all that work again ! 

Bloody hell you poor things can't believe your bad luck, who ran over the black cat 

I think it was a whole mob of black cats Darren ! 

The same thing happened to the green  electrical Pillar box in our street that services the 711 service station  underground power  it went up in flames  funny thing was they  disconnected  the house next to ours to demolish  connected to the same power pole shortly before did they do something wrong.

not going there Jeff - you know what insurance companies are like any excuse ! three qoutes and they all say it will be easier to demolish and start again - some idiot wanted  come out yo put new glass in the window frames - what frames ? they were blown out ! 

Best not to complicate if they will pay to replace fire causes metal to rust  will never be the same.

my thoughts exactly ! hoe we can keep the old tin though - need more to keep the foxes out of the chicken run - they already got the ducks even with electric fences a couple of cm above ground level  - dog proof fences etc ! 


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