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I recently put in an order with Daley's nursery and I had a free plant voucher to use. I thought I selected a Pawpaw but when it arrived it was a Papayuelo (maybe they ran out and substituted?).
Anyway, it says the plant is either male or female so I'm not going to get any fruit with only one. I'm not interested in buying any more so would anyone else out there like it? Pickup from Manly West. I've attached a photo showing one flower. A more knowledgable person than me might know if it's male or female. My uneducated guess is female? The video shows multiple flowers on the male plant but it's only young so not sure.

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Have you spoken to Daleys? Surely they will send what you ordered?
No I haven't spoken to them. This one was a freebie I didn't pay for. I don't want to complain about something I got for free. The plants I paid for are great.

Contacting them to let them know staff have sent you one tree when it needs multiples to produce might be something they want feedback on. 

I've personally never heard of this plant before. Interesting substitute for Babaco....which dies all too easily.

These may be their new pawpaw they had growing up against the green wall, (not the babaco) when we visited them as a group.  They were quite tall and had a different leaf, and they did have a group of them growing. 

On their lists they indicate when a tree needs another to cross pollinate, and this has often put me off ordering a different type of fruit tree.  It is hard, Danielle, when you receive one like that and not really worth putting in the soil.  Lets hope someone in BLF can use it and you are generous with offering it. 

I have just joined the group. And I was just wondering if you still have the papayuelo tree as I would like to have one. I’m not sure if I am replying in the correct space 

Hey Gail :)

You did indeed respond in the right place.

The person who posted this message isn't active on the site and the message is 1.5yrs old. Not likely that the plant they talk about is still on offer.

They did post the link to Daleys who might still stock them.


Gail - we have them growing - small yet but even with three it doesnt seem as if we have managed to get a male and a female going ! and definitely one is not enough unless you have neighbours with them ! 


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