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I was contacted by a lovely lady today who is marketing manager for Humanitarian Coffee.  They run 5 shops in the Brisbane city centre.  The company would like to give us the coffee grounds from all five stores.  This is something I have been trying to achieve in my own area with no luck.  We are talking a couple of hundred kilos of grounds a week.  As you know, you can grow mushrooms in them, use them in compost, use them pretty much as mulch - it's a great resource and would save a lot of landfill.  

I intend to meet with them next week to talk about the logistics of pick-ups etc. They are in corporate buildings so really only want one person doing pick-ups.  

My main issue is to see who is interested in getting access to this free resource.  This would be one occasion where I would happily consider a north/south side thing.  We could identify a person in the middle of each side of town.  Arrange delivery/pick-up and that would decrease the need for us to travel to collect.  Two pick-up points, if you will.  

Who is interested?  For how much potentially (1 bag a week, a 50 litre bin a week etc)?  Potential depot sites?   Let me know what you think. 

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It is definitely a good mulch and compost item, but I don't know how it would work with our spread out numbers, someone would have hold about 100 kilos in their yard for locals to pick it up.  Is that what you mean Andrew.

I wonder how big a container would hold 100 kilo's

Mark is happy to keep it at his place for us. 

A brilliant idea if we can pull it off.

I have been the grateful recipient of bags of spent coffee grounds from a local lady and BLF member who now has moved and can no longer do the donkey work associated with it.

The 30L bags she delivered to me were weighty - well for an old woman they are weighty - for a younger and male person, who probably could heft two in each hand ;-)

I have incorporated the grounds into my compost bins but the grounds can as noted, be used for many purposes.

Ideally for us it'd be someone establishing a mushroom business who has the incentive to attend weekly in all weathers. Left to volunteers not such a happy outcome usually.

If it's any use, I have a spot near the front gate which could be used as a drop-off and pick-up point whether we're home or not. But Deception Bay is a long way out for many BLFers.

Thanks Elaine.  I think I'll us Mark at Eatons Hill for my North Side point - and my place if people want to give me some advanced notice too. 

I would be interested in receiving grounds but I would admit to being an intermittent picker upper - for me it would be when time and circumstances would allow me to do it. I could commit to a roster (ie every 2nd or third week) provided someone would be able to collect in my absence. I would be happy to be a drop off point s well -- same as Elaine, it could go in the front driveway and people could help themselves

You may well be an excellent southside depot Susan.  Mark and I can collect originally and then help work out what needs to be transported to your place. 

I would be happy to take 100lts to start with and 50lts month there after. If we supplied the bins that they use (if it like Starbucks, they use the I think it's a 60lt Black Bins with lid, I have same bins from Buns) we could swap over the full bins for clean empty ones, but this would take 2 people to carry out, bins usually have handles. Sorry could not pick up as our car is full of work tools, no room left, even for passengers.

As many members know, I have been using coffee grounds for years. I would be happy to pay petrol money to someone if they can deliver to me in Ellen Grove.

Sounds like Susan is promising as as southside depot Dianne! 

Have you looked at using a courier  there not expensive for local delivery going to the city is going to be expensive and time consuming.

Cheers Jeff.  I'll sus out the price. Might save us a lot of work. 

We have a few school gardens in the Gap. I'd be happy to have it delivered to Hilder Rd State school.  

Thanks Valerie.  It's looking like Mark at Eatons Hill will be our holding depot.  With notice, I can pick up from him and act as a closer in pick-up point.  We can organise a drop-off to Susan's when we know people want an order.  That's make like pretty easy but I might charge a really tiny fee to cover petrol for us to transport to and from depots.   


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