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I was contacted by a lovely lady today who is marketing manager for Humanitarian Coffee.  They run 5 shops in the Brisbane city centre.  The company would like to give us the coffee grounds from all five stores.  This is something I have been trying to achieve in my own area with no luck.  We are talking a couple of hundred kilos of grounds a week.  As you know, you can grow mushrooms in them, use them in compost, use them pretty much as mulch - it's a great resource and would save a lot of landfill.  

I intend to meet with them next week to talk about the logistics of pick-ups etc. They are in corporate buildings so really only want one person doing pick-ups.  

My main issue is to see who is interested in getting access to this free resource.  This would be one occasion where I would happily consider a north/south side thing.  We could identify a person in the middle of each side of town.  Arrange delivery/pick-up and that would decrease the need for us to travel to collect.  Two pick-up points, if you will.  

Who is interested?  For how much potentially (1 bag a week, a 50 litre bin a week etc)?  Potential depot sites?   Let me know what you think. 

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Sounds good to me.  And yes charge a fee to, at the very least, cover your costs.



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