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FIGS 4 FUN FORUM - Not Australian but full of info nonetheless.

Welcome to Figs 4 Fun

We believe this is the largest database of information about figs (Ficus carica) that is available on the internet.

Our goal is to make that information available in an accessible format, to continue to add to the database, and to facilitate the exchange of information through the Figs 4 Fun Forum.

The important thing is sharing - pictures, information, cuttings, experience - which we all have and which can help someone else enjoy their figs more. We owe a lot to many people who have shared all of those things with us.

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Very interesting, just how many varieties are there in the world.

should be interesting and really sounds like more investigation is warranted - when i try to access the page it comes up 404 not found - anyone else having problems ? 

It's up now, Mary-Ann. This link leads to all sorts of useful info. Just on a quick read, I have discovered I have a breba and a main crop on my Preston's Prolific.

thanks ! 

Woo hoo - the whole breba 'crop' ;-)

At the moment, there are no obvious signs of a new crop on the Preston's.

This fellow uses basically wicking pots with a couple of different additions but does not leave it open to rainwater. It is eye opening info and I love his pot dolly.  He said his figs don't drink water in winter. Still have a lot more reading to do. Thanks Lissa for finding and sharing.

Ours mightn't either BUT we cannot let them dry out. Kills the microbes as well as whatever dryness does to the fig plants. Ours really do not experience cold winters! They barely drop their leaves before they are making new ones.



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