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does anyone know where one could buy something like this?


or how to make it?


It came from following ideas from the Idea festival.


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The url doesn't work for me. Could you explain a little what this device is and/or how it is used? Can you get onto someone from the Ideas Festival for more info? What is the Ideas Festival and where is it held?

Elaine I hope this helps: if it doesn't, let me know.

Food Map Design makes it simple and cost-effective to grow your own food in space-poor environments. this ought to be enough to find it. It is a special growing trolley on wheels, available in the USA.

The Ideas festival is a place where people come together to talk about ideas, It has taken different forms over the years and I picked this up from one of Scarlett;s emails and I can';t see all of those links, but here you go.:

This week the Ideas team, led by Premier Anna Bligh and working with good friends OpenIDEO, launched a global challenge.

“How might we better connect food production and consumption?”

Queensland is leading the discussion on global issues around food; sustainability, food miles, rural / urban migration and urban farming; nutrition, obesity and food education; energy use, transportation, biodiversity, food security, the health of rural economies and the strength of intergenerational and intercultural knowledge sharing.

The issues we are facing as Queenslanders are not unique. We are struggling with the same dilemmas as people all around the world. Over the next few weeks, the OpenIDEO challenge will seek inspiration for solutions to issues relating to food production and consumption – we’ve been on the hunt for our own inspiration and here’s are a few things that have caught our eye:

Unpackaged is a grocery store that practices what it preaches; selling organic and environmentally friendly products it actively works to reduce the amount of packaging required to pass food through the food chain.

Food Map Design makes it simple and cost-effective to grow your own food in space-poor environments.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipease believes in the value of teaching. Customers to the store are able to access recipes, ingredients and instruction as well as pre-prepared nutritious meals.

Sloom puts the issue of food miles fairly and squarely on the table through their simple, yet effective chopping boards that illustrate the journey each element of the meal has taken to the table.

Finally, these German farmers design their own distribution solution that instantly transforms their produce into accessible and attractive products for end consumers (a summary in English here).

What inspiring project, people or places do you know of that are shifting the norm in the world of food? Head to the OpenIDEO challenge and share your inspiring links.


Interesting stuff! Good to see keen people coming to grips with many of the issues which are central to a sound future.


That trolley would not be hard to substitute. Does it have to move? Any box, bin, tub could be set on any kind of firm foundation. You can make them wicking beds (self-watering pots with an overflow to prevent drowing) and keep the watering to a minimum. Somehow importing a thingy to grow plants in from so far away would negate the reason for growing your own food.


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Vetiver grass helps to stabilise soil and protects it against erosion.  It can protect against pests and weeds. Vetiver is also used as animal feed. (Wiki.)

GrowVetiver is a plant nursery run by Dave & Keir Riley that harvests and grows Vetiver grass for local community applications and use. It is based in Beachmere, just north of Brisbane, Australia.

Place your business add here! ($5 per month or $25 for 9 months)

Talk to Andy on 0422 022 961.  You can  Pay on this link

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