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Finally got hold of a copy of Food Inc and watched it the other day. Good lord. It's all about American food production so I'm wondering what is happening here in Australia.

Unfortunately, no time to look into the Australian situation at present. Very glad I DO NOT eat takeaway. Those poor b. animals.


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We do have feed lots here but the cattle aren't in them for very long, probably a week or so (well, at least until the gov't banned live exports : P). 

Any idea why we put them in feed lots Vanessa, even for a short time?

The movie explained about the Americans feeding cows nothing but an unnatural diet of cheap corn (when they are designed to eat grass) to make them bulky.

This diet doesn't digest well (of course!) and caused a growth of E Coli in the cows gut.They have a cow they use for inspection with a plug in it's side so they can see what goes on in it's gut.

This mess is pooped and the cows spend their entire lives knee deep in it in the feed lots, getting it all over themselves in the process.

Then, when they're slaughtered it ends up in the meat...killing people in the US with food poisoning. Mostly children by the looks.

I haven't done any research either Lissa, but from what I've heard ,cattles are mainly grain fed in Australia.  Organic beef are grass fed... I wouldn't think grains are naturally a major part of cattle's natural diet either...
I have done a fair bit of research awhile ago relating to Omega 3 (good) and Omega 6 (not so good) and grain feed beef contain too much Omega 6 and little to none of Omega 3, while grass fed beef are the opposite.
Oh yea, I remember you asked about grass fed beef a while back.  Did you find a supplier?

Grass fed beef is the way to go! I've seen "grain fed" displayed on packets and offered in restaurants and promoted as something special or better, but it's absolutely not the truth, merely a marketing ploy.

Cows have a lot of trouble digesting a diet of corn and the end result is this increase in E Coli in the gut which ends up in the meat we eat.

Especially take away meat which is mass produced quickly. McDonalds are responsible for the whole radical change in the way our meat is produced due to their high requirement and turnover of product. They basically call the shots in the industry in America. There's a lot of manipulation of the industry on all levels too.

Well worth getting hold of a copy of the movie to watch if you can.


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