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Radical new beekeeping method. Check out the video on the website FLOW HIVE:

It's the beekeepers dream...

Turn a tap and watch as pure fresh clean honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar. No mess, no fuss, no expensive processing equipment and the bees are hardly even disturbed.

"This really is a revolution, you can see into the hive, see when the honey is ready and take it away in such a gentle way."

We are very excited to introduce our new invention that allows you to enjoy fresh honey straight out of your beehive without opening it.  It's far less stress for the bees and much much easier for the beekeeper.  

This will be available very soon. If you would like to know more, click the button above.



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They have been developing the idea for 10 years from their info and have put hives fitted with the new flow frames out in the field with other beekeepers to test the product. There were some references on their site.
Until people see them in operation their comments are mere conjecture.

Agreed. Waiting for some field experience with the new system before I consider buying one. Can you share the website Susanne?

Read through more of the doco and saw the following...

"Can I put a Flow Super on a top bar hive?
Yes, and it will be up to you as to how to adapt and join the two. As long as the bees have good access to the Flow frames and sense that they are a part of their hive, they will fill them with honey."

A nd there was this quote from a beekeeper who tested some.
"The queen won't lay in them as they are too deep so you won't need an excluder"

It would take some skill to add the super to a (my) Top Bar hive. Skill I don't have. And it would ruin the look of the Top Bar which is a bit of a work of art.

My "plan" at the moment is to go the Langstroth route. I wanted to give one a go anyway.

One thing about Langstroth hives is that there are plenty around, new and secondhand. Plus several suppliers of associated equipment.

Once you've got a 2-frame extractor and a steam knife you're in the honey business.

Down side is the amount of smoke needed since taking honey frames out of the hive is viewed as an attack by the bees and the number of bees which get killed.

The horizontal top bar hive would be next to impossible to add any super yet the vertical other styles of top bar hive should be fairly simple if the dimensions of the boxes are the same as the Langstroth sizings.

Hi everyone, Firstly my disclaimer – I build and supply top bar hives and love them! I prefer them as they are close to being a natural environment and they are gentle on the bees (even when harvesting). The flow hive has arrived with much hype and I’ve posted links to several discussions both for and against on my Brisbane Backyard Bees FB page. I have also been contacted by Flow Hive buyers who have been caught up by the excitement but realised they don’t actually know where to start and one who expected she could stick it in the yard and wait for bees to come. To me, therein lies the risk arising from such high impact marketing – people who would like to be honey producers before they become beekeepers.

To be a Flow Hive owner, you pretty much need to have already decided that the Langstroth system of beekeeping is for you – the flow hive will sit on top of your Lang brood box. You will manage that as a normal lang hive – it must be regularly inspected and I’m guessing you might have to open the flow box up every now and then for maintenance. In short, there’s no avoiding getting close to your bees – something I love, but if your main interest is in honey from a tap, maybe the bee thing is not for you.

Now, I’m guessing most people on this site, being food growers, are interested in pollination and care deeply about the health of bees, so the other question I would encourage people to ask is “am I doing what’s best for bees and hence, the food system, or is this for human convenience”. Bees have been around for millions of years and over the last 150, a combination of agricultural and beekeeping practices have wreaked havoc on our bees. I see the flow hive as just another step in the mechanisation of bees. It is being touted as being kind to bees – if you’re used to harvesting a Lang hive, maybe so – but I can harvest 10kgs from a top bar hive peacefully and quietly and simply with minimal disturbance and I generally only harvest when I'm doing an inspection anyway.

We certainly need more beekeepers but let’s hope we’re not just attracted by the ease of harvesting but by the joys of bee-caring.  Cheers, Paul

Good to have your input Paul. Wondering if this is all going to turn out to be a bit of a fad or actually something useful for serious beekeepers. Will watch with interest as time goes by.

Thanks Lissa, yes we shall see

Good thoughtful input, Paul. The Flow hive then would be a way of making Langstroth hives more bee-friendly. Perpetuating the system of keeping bees in conditions not necessarily best suited to them.

'Is it the bees, or is it the honey?' Yes, a good question which needs an honest answer.

As an ex-beekeeper I never did like the murder associated with taking the honey from the Langstroth hive I had (there were no other designs available at the time). Were I to keep bees again, no argument I would go for a top bar hive. I love the bees and the honey is a bonus.

Murder Elaine?
That is not a normal practice in the apiaries I have visited.

Why would you murder your bees/brood to extract the honey in a Langstroth style hive?

I know there are some styles of hives where the hives are destroyed to remove the honey but they are not Langstroth.

In my setup I have a brood box where the queen lives and breeds. Above that I have a queen excluder which keeps her out of the honey supers I have on top. I can rest assured that under normal circumstances there will be no brood in the honey supers. Therefore when I am extracting honey no brood will be affected.

I have to say that all of the beekeepers I have met breed bees they don't murder bees. They do extract honey after robbing the hive, I've not seen anyone murdering bees.

As a novice beekeeper I was traumatised the first time I managed the hive by myself. I had to increase the frames in the brood box. It was raining so over a week went by past the time I intended to have it it done.

By the time I went in they had built comb on the roof and in the divider. I scraped the honey filled comb from the roof and removed the divider and put the new frames in the hive. When I put the lid down I inadvertently squashed some bees.
Feeling terrible I went inside vowing to be far more careful in future.
Then what was worse was that there was a small amount of brood on the divider, I felt awful but it was too late.
They may only be insects but they are part of my insect family.

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience when you kept bees.

Never touched the brood, Susanne. Queen excluder and all that. Call it what you will, but squashing unsuspecting insects who work their hearts out for us is not a pleasant experience. Certain the bees can't be keen on that either.

In the stingless bee world, there's lots of talk and many designs of hive now that all but remove the likelihood of bees being squashed. These designs are from honey beekeepers who do not want to kill any more bees if they can help it.

I've not seen a professional beekeeper at work to know how many bees are done to death when they take the honeycomb out.

YouTub video showing how the process works:



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