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Radical new beekeeping method. Check out the video on the website FLOW HIVE:

It's the beekeepers dream...

Turn a tap and watch as pure fresh clean honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar. No mess, no fuss, no expensive processing equipment and the bees are hardly even disturbed.

"This really is a revolution, you can see into the hive, see when the honey is ready and take it away in such a gentle way."

We are very excited to introduce our new invention that allows you to enjoy fresh honey straight out of your beehive without opening it.  It's far less stress for the bees and much much easier for the beekeeper.  

This will be available very soon. If you would like to know more, click the button above.



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Thanks Stephen :)

I've made an Event listing HERE so others will know about this workshop as well. Thank you for the heads up :)

Hello everyone!

A quick update from us on the pre-Kickstarter Flow™ launch which will be on the morning of 23rd Feb 2015 (Australian Eastern Standard time).

Thank you all for the wonderfully positive and overwhelming response we've had in just three short days.

We've heard from literally thousands of you via email, had tens of thousands of subscribers, millions of views on our Facebook page, YouTube channel and more and more followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you for your patience! Being a small family team in Byron Bay, Australia, we have found that we cannot possibly respond to you all individually as we would like. We are doing all we can to keep you updated and prepare for the Kickstarter launch on Monday.

We now have a FAQ and Gallery up on our website, and are updating Facebook whenever possible.

There is one burning question that we keep receiving and that is "what will the cost be?". We are still finalising the details on this and all will be revealed on Monday! Rest assured it is very important to us that the Flow™ frames are as affordable as possible.

Kickstarter supporters will get a discount by pledging. 'Early bird' pledgers will get an additional discount for jumping in first.

Stay tuned for another email update when we go live on Kickstarter, which is where you can purchase your very own Flow™ hive.

Thanks again!

Stu and Cedar Anderson

The latest - the inventors set up a crowd funding excercise to support the further development of their invention. Their aim was for $70,000. As of today they have raised over $2,000,000.

Want to be part of this - see HERE.

2 million! Woo hoo - what are we waiting for? ;-) (a darned good idea, that's what!).

I am so tempted to get one.  They are apparently leaving the fundraising up until April so I have a little time to raise the $765 that it will cost to get a full one at the discounted price.  If I had bees already, I'd have bought it straight away but because I still don't have bees, the urgency is not there.  Imagine it - Honey on tap!!  In our house, that would be fantastic.  Anyone else, who actually has bees, have thoughts on this?  Do you think this set up would be much easier than standard or even top-bar hives?

There will still be maintenance of the hive and I strongly suggest (as they do) that you join your local beekeepers group.

They will usually assist you with establishing a nucleus hive once you are certain you would like to take up this hobby.

At the meetings and in the newsletters you will get heaps of valuable information and also hear of many ways to do the same task, we're all so different.

Usually they will have times when you can go visit with members when they are working their hives.

The flow hive does look so good, so little disruption to the hive when you collect the honey. No wax as a byproduct of extracting the honey, the cosmetic industry would have to look at a replacement for beeswax in lipsticks if this was universally taken up.

But remember that a beekeeper is a person who grows bees. That is your focus. Go checkout some backyard hives unlike native bees you need to look after them more regularly and diligently.

Although they have not answered my query about top-bar hives, I make the guess that it could not work with a top-bar hive. Only the Langstroth as we know it would be able to carry the special foundation needed to make this idea work.

The flow frames are designed for honey supers only.
I can't imagine how they could fit the flow frames into a top bar setup where the queen can lay brood in any frame just as she does in the brood box on a Langstroth.

Estimated Delivery December 2015?

Susanne - what do your fellow bee keeper club members think about this? Have they made any comments?

None have first hand knowledge of it.
You would need to ask someone who has seen/had it in operation for a season or two.

Seeing as it's so new that won't be possible. I thought the club members might have been giving it some discussion.


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GrowVetiver is a plant nursery run by Dave & Keir Riley that harvests and grows Vetiver grass for local community applications and use. It is based in Beachmere, just north of Brisbane, Australia.

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