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Rob Collins - how big were your fish tanks for the perch?

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Hi Mary-Ann, the outside tank is a 6ft aquarium, holding approx. 640 Litres. Connected to 1 bathtub growbed (I should have at least 2 bathtubs), 1 x 120 Litre sump (that's a little too small really). It reared 15 (average) Jade Perch.

The inside aquarium is a 2 metre aquarium, holding approx 800 Litres. This system was independent of the aquaponics loop, had high filtration and ran to waste daily (20% water change), rearing an average of 18 Jade Perch. I will not be repeating this due to high demand for aquarium maintenance while performing rapid growth of fish.

I say average on both counts of perch, as the inside tank had a population of 24 which reduced down to 18 as I transferred them to the outside aquaponics 6ft aquarium. I had a total of 33 Jades between the two tanks.

thanks for the info ... just looking at a second hand set up but their tanks (2) were only 4 ft and didnt think they would be big enough - sold to someone else now  so will look at other bigger set ups 

Yes, 4 Ft aquariums hold between 200 - 300 Litres of water and would only be ok for ornamental fish. If you're not looking for the glass display solution (which I find looks great when I clean the biofilm off the glass), an IBC makes a great 1000 Litre fish tank. From memory RobBob started with IBC fishtanks.

While I'm throwing around links, I'll add some of Gary Donaldson's web sites in.

Microponics (older site, right hand column contains good links to post, comments, archives)

Online Urban Aquaponics Manual (this has the link for edition subscription).

iAVs (Gary teamed up with Mark McMurtry recently to revive the original, low energy flood and drain)


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