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We just picked a persimmon from our tree and put it in the fridge where it softens up ready for me to have on yoghurt for breakie. We picked it on the weekend and so it has gone soft since then.  This year we have lost a few due to weather extremes.

Just some of the ripe persimmons on our itchi tree.

It has been in the fridge for a couple of days going soft.

I just cut the top off with point of knife.

Scoop out fresh with a spoon.

Skin and core left, the rest is on my yoghurt.

Don't know if these will keep on tree for the Garden Visit on 17th this month, but we will try and refrigerate some.  They are very attractive to our possums at the moment.

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I understood that Persimmons NEED to be quite squishy for ultimate enjoyment? Was it an easy grow?

They are easy to grow for me Dave,  they are 2 old trees now.  I don't know how long they live for.  They have basically brittle wood. The only pests I have are white mealy bug or woolly bug not sure what they are called.  It is usually on just patches and can be controlled if you see them by rubbing off or hosing off.  We put the green fruit  in bags for fruit fly and I don't think that is a problem.  They are deciduous and their leaves change colour to orange brown before they drop.  

One thing I noticed is, that my trees are not ready for harvest at the time most sites state they should be (Sept) - instead mine are ripe now,  6 months later.

I personally like my non astringent persimmon very ripe, but you can eat them like an apple when they turn colour on the tree.  Tomorrow I will try one while it is still hard and see what it is like to eat.

I’m so in awe of these Christa!   

Susan, We have tried to hang on to these for the GV but it is not going to work out. We have to pick them all and refrigerate them and hope they keep, but they are soft.  If anyone wants any please come and get some.  If not I will have to see if I can freeze them ripe.

We are just a week out in timing. 

My miracle berries are all ripe and falling off as well.  Our 3 tanks are still empty and things look dry. I suppose everyone has the same problems with water.   

Can't wait to try them Christa, hope the Possums leave them alone for a couple of day. Thanks for sharing your Desert with us.....


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