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I am coming to the next two events and would like to swap Fig cuttings with anyone who is attending and has a variety that I don't have. My cuttings will be White Adriatic and Brown Turkey. For those who have never taken a cutting - to plant, you need to take around 6 inches or longer with a square cut just below a node, and an angled cut just above a node at the top. The cuts leave no doubt as to which is the top and bottom of the cutting. These cuttings can be put into a plastic bag in the vege tray of your fridge until you are ready to plant out in Spring, or you can pot up the cutting immediately and they should survive unless you have frost at your place. I would place my potted cuttings in a semi shaded warm position. I will probably also put half in the fridge as insurance.

I have just been looking at a very good American web site called Ray's Figs and didn't realise that my sandy soil is not good for growing Figs. Even using some of my soil in the mix that I pot up in will stunt them as they get badly affected by Root Nematodes (which have always been a problem in my soil). This explains why none of the Figs planted out have ever done any good here. It's taken me a long time to find this out! The website recommends two parts pine bark, to 1 part cow manure, to 1 part perlite for the potting mix for Figs. NO SANDY SOIL TO BE ADDED. People with clay soil are OK they have to be careful with drainage.

If you have Figs to bring, but don't want any of mine, I can bring jars of honey or other plant cuttings, let me know what you want and I'll try to oblige. I don't pot up my cutting with any soil just good quality potting mix, so I shouldn't be handing on any Nematodes at all. 

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Hey roger, you are welcome to one from my aunts tree, all ready rooted. I have no clue what variety, just that they were delicious.  

have been promised some black Genoa cuttings so  if they eventuate will keep some for you ! wont be at the next meet as its Dayboro day and as vice president of the Historical society - will be orgainising and as a 6th generation local have to march with the founding families - can take my pick of 6 family groups to march with !!!!! 

Yes Susan and Mary-Anne I would like these if possible. What are you after in return? I have a couple of White Sapote seedlings, some Pomegranite cuttings that have been in a pot for at least a year. I also have Honey but I doubt that would interest you both. I have a lot of Ginger as well.  

thanks - nothing I am looking for at the moment ! seriously think we owe you much ! 

Hi Roger, My fig plants are an embarrasment, they are just long sticks with no leaves to speak about.  We have moved them twice into more sun but they are going backwards.  Mine are Black Genoa, Dwarf Brown, and the choice one is Mission Black, which has large sweet figs and supposed to be the most abundant.   We may have to plant it in the ground to save it.  My white and green Ischia both died.

Last season I potted up 30 fig cuttings, to share them around, but nothing happened they died.  If it expands a bit, I will try one more cutting.

Mine are all ratty and leafless - it is the season of rest for deciduous plants.

Yes indeed they do like the sun and super drainage. So far, so good for my 4 in their 200L wicking bins with the one 22mm overflow hole. They should be waterlogged but never are.


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