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has anyone tried this for other plants - keen to get some blueberry cuttings to strike so looking for ideas - Barbara at BOGI gets a 98% success rate with her figs. have several in the laundry in a sun filled warm spot at the moment and they are doing well ! used the pic from here cause my camera is still broke !  keen to try some grapes, yellow jabotacaba, yellow and red grumachama ,red white or pink shahoots if anyone has cuttings available or knows if this works for these plants or is it just figs ?

New to me, Mary-Ann ... automatically I figure the cuttings would sweat especially if they are in the sun. Obviously not! Not good at propagation and totally not able to strike Figs or Mulberries! Can do Tomatoes in water or damp soil. It must only work with hardwood cuttings, I can imagine the Toms just rotting. Hardening-off would be a challenge too. Keen to see the results you get.

yes keen to see the results ! 

Looks interesting but I would have thought they'd rot as well.  I've had success with putting cuttings into potting mix with added sand in a wicking pot and then putting the top part of milk cartons over the top with the lid off to provide a little ventilation.  Also, I have the shahtoot red and white and I have different blueberries you'd be welcome too but the mulberries are still quite small.  If you  could wait a year or two, they'd be big enough I'm sure.

you wet the paper towel then wring it so its only damp  - so its not supposed to rot but will give it a go - last year we potted 80 fig cuttings followed all the instructions - they got roots and leaves then within aweek all 80 died !!!!! 5 different varities and all - at yesterdays Dayboro garden meeting someone else was saying the same thing happened - they look really good and healthy one day and then the next they are dead! thanks Susan will wait a year or so for cuttings sounds great ! 



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