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Hello fellow gardeners! My favorite fruit is Feijoa, has been since I was very young and although I know the trees will grow well in Brisbane my research has lead me to believe that they need a cooler climate in which to fruit well (not enough chill time here apparently).  However I was reading Organic Gardening mag today and a lady from Brizvagas sent in a question asking what fruit trees to grow here in Brisbane and they suggested it??? 

Has anyone got a feijoa, and had any success in getting it to produce fruit? and if so, what conditions do you have it under? Thanks very much!

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No Feijoa here Michelle. Hopefully someone growing one will respond.

I grew a Feijoa in a pot. It grew and fruited well, but the fruit were very dry inside and although the flowers and tree where very pretty I pulled it out.

Well, that's positive to hear! I know they are quite tough little trees but had never thought of putting it into a pot.  Seems like I might need to give it a go and just keep my fingers crossed

I have a feijoa in a pot for at least 4 years, never flowered.  I don’t think it’s to do with chilling requirement though, as they need less chilling than my other trees that flowers and fruit okay in Brisbane, more likely because what I got was a seedling tree.  Here’s some good information on feijoa at  

With dry fruit it sounds like a water issue rather than temperature. Pot culture is quite tricky if you want a decent crop. Too much drainage is usually the issue and with it, the leaching of nutrients.

Mine just flowered for the first time!  Only one single bloom though, so I doubt it will fruit :)

Still - its exciting - that's progress!

Won't be growing Feijoa myself again but read the article from your link Florence and it is a good one.

Very curious about the birds "feed(ing) on the sweet, fleshy flower petals". I would have thought they were just after the nectar.

I have three feijoas fruiting in Murwillumbah - very similar climate to Brisbane. No special treatment needed except I believe some need cross-pollination?

Phil - unless you have a doppleganger, did you realise you have two memberships to BLF HERE and HERE?

I have a young one that is less than 12 months old.  It is growing well in a raised garden bed. I read in a magazine (forget which one) that someone up the coast has a commerical farm of them.  I'm pretty confident they'll fruit. 

Thanks everyone - Seems I should just give it a go. I guess even if I dont get fruit, I do love grey foliage trees so it should work with the rest of my colour scheme :)


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