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I am about to embark on a new adventure!   I have long wanted a beehive and my children have been following the development of the Flow Hive since the beginning.  So....we have been gearing up for the big purchase.  I made contact with a man I know in Buderim who said he could supply a nuc for us once we got the hive and got sorted.

In the meantime, bees have shown up at work!!!   I work in a retirement village and a swarm of bees have made quite the colony for themselves on the balcony of a lady who was away for several weeks and didn't know anything about it. Both she and the manager are keen to move these bees on. In fact these bees were sprayed 3 times before I heard about their existence but somehow I think most of the colony has survived and I suspect The Queen is still there.

I have been to see the bees 3 times now and each time I've lifted up the heavy canvas covering the chair on which they have made their hive without any terribly aggressive response. I'm assuming they're fairly mellow bees. ( probably famous last words haha)

SO on Sunday I sat down to the computer and before I went to the Flow Hive site I thought I'd check Gumtree and lo, ten minutes drive away, a lady whose marriage just broke up, was selling her new in box flow hive for $150 less than retail.   We hightailed it over to her house and purchased it, constructed it and I spent 5 hours painting it today.

I have a friend who is also a fairly new beekeeper  -he's been doing it about a year. We both would like to save my work bee's and it would be kind of fun to put them into my new hive. We have looked at numerous YouTube videos and read lots of information about how to cut out the combs put into frames with rubber bands etc. and transport them home. D Day is Sunday so wish me luck!  Feeling like I've jumped in the deep end but very happy.

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Wow, you and your friends have done exceptionally well to rescue those bees. That was a very difficult task, and to only get four stings between you was very good. They has obviously settled in that spot some time ago and so it could have been a very angry welcome when you tried to move them.

I have always wanted to collect a swarm but the opportunity has never come up. With a swarm they are usually so full of honey (to last out an extended homeless period) that they seldom sting (or so the books say). This seems to be a very good season for honey so I hope it continues that way, your bees will likely thrive in their new home!


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