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Hi folks,

I've been away from this site for ages, so I'm thrilled to see that it's still ticking along.

I'm looking to create a temporary screen or hedge for a particular area of the garden. In the long run, the job will be done by shrubs, but I'd still like a bit of privacy in the short run. So I'm after something that will grow quickly, last through the winter, get over 1.5m tall and is fairly easy to remove.

Candidates I've considered are:

  • lemongrass - I've used this as a screen/filler plant elsewhere in the garden (see picture) and it does a great job. I particularly love the fact that it is so easy to remove once it has done its job. However it is not quite tall enough, particularly in winter when it can start to look a bit sad and rusty.
  • vetiver grass - I don't have this growing at the moment, but I think it's also a bit too deep-rooted. Is it fairly easy to rip out?
  • pigeon pea - This would absolutely do the job, except that it gets munched by possums and looks pretty terrible and offers pretty minimal protection.

Can anyone think of better alternatives? I don't really want to go with a vine, because putting up a trellis is a bit of a business, and all the fast growing ones I can think of are either summer plants (eg. sweet potato) or possum food (choko, passionfruit).

I should also say that the position has full sun.

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 if you are inierested can put some in pots and pass them on at GVs or when we are over that way ! let me know = hibiscus or cannas or gingers or heliconias 

Rob, I have used Golden cane palms in large pots and they soon make a good screen, they grow in sun and shade, you could put one or two amongst the other plants..

There is also the option of west indian arrowroot ,they do grow a lot smaller than the queensland variety with the same kind of leaf structure but leaves are a bit narrower


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