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Not sure where to post this!

For some years now I have been pondering the possibility of copy/paste the best articles on common topics into a FAQ section.

No surprise I have never 'got around to it'.

I can be sure I won't be 'getting around to it' anytime soon.

I see it as a project for someone younger and with more energy than I have.

I'll copy and paste over some relevant comments so they won't hijack other member's posts.


"Not a book but a comprehensive set of FAQs. I was always going to compile that and never did.

For whatever reason, Ning doesn't support pdfs. If we do get a decent set of FAQs we could turn it into a pdf but then we couldn't leave it on this site for people to download when they want to.

Would need to find a freebie site somewhere to put up the document for downloading. But we need to have our FAQs more complete than they are now.

Perhaps someone younger and with more energy could do the tedium of finding good articles and copy/paste them into a new document for proof reading. Hint hint. I'm way behind with everything and increasing age does nothing to increase my energy." (a reply by me to Sophie's suggestion of BLF publishing a book)

and good info from Sophie about how that might be achieved:

"Hi Elaine, my suggestion would be to use google docs for group editing - it is free to excess (with a gmail account & internet) and can be used on any device (mac, pc, ipad tablet etc) and you can have more than one person editing the doc at the same time. There are some other plaforms available but this one is perhaps the most accessible and (imo) easy to use (I prefer compared to Dropbox which sometimes has syncing issues for big docs that can be very frustrating). We use it at work and it is working quite well. Happy to discuss further but potentially in a new blog/forum as dont want to detract from Dianne's beautiful plantings!

More info eg"

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Anyone want to take up the challenge?

Perhaps if it was set up as a wiki (like wikipedia) so that everyone can edit as we go. Otherwise it would be more of a writing group subcommitee with only some people with access eg through Google docs. I will have to look into this further as I do not have experience setting up a wiki site but many another member does...?

Nor I. Books are more my scene. Value of a book - or a printable eBook - is ready reference on the shelf and the batteries never go flat. While I've no objection to the world reading our deathless prose, the original idea was for a beginner's ready reference, available through this website and containing mostly posts already made on this site.

I'd like to see us get it together once at least then we can fine tune it and welcome in the world to read what we have written.

Fair enough Elaine. We can always produce Volume II :) In which case the Google docs should be fine.
EBook section ideas (from notes on Sat Feb GV, with Dianne and Elaine et al). Please feel free to add in comments until we work out a platform


-Growing Common plants suited for Bris, knowing best conditions for: citrus, figs, berry fruits (strawberry, raspberry etc), cucurbites (pumpkins, cucumbers- possible to grow in Bris in winter?), Dragonfruit (full sun. With strong load bearing support/trellis), Glenyth's sweet potatoes tower, Bananas (knowing what diseases to look out for, conditions most happy growing in), Avocados (A and B needed, Roger's wheelie bins!)
-What to grow each season, Best types to grow, Plants that happy to grow out of season (Lettuce in summer not really.. Too much water needed)
-Edible greens (substitues for lettuce and spinach) - beetle, sweet pot leaves, warrigal greens, safe weeds to identify and eat

-what can you use as Mulch (on a budget)? lemongrass, vetiver grass (sterile seeds, "monto" easy to propagate)
-Best seed raising mix, potting mix, compost, worm tea, weed tea (chop weeds into bucket w boiling water), diff weeds kills different things
-Wicking beds, the prototype, how to
-Growing in pots containers
-Mounds, hugelkultur, permaculture, lasagne method
-Managing the diff bris soils
-creative irrigation or maintaining moisture, clay pots, plates, swales etc
-Biodynamic moonplanting

friend or foe (beneficial insects, evil nasties)
Birds (native, poultry)



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Vetiver grass helps to stabilise soil and protects it against erosion.  It can protect against pests and weeds. Vetiver is also used as animal feed. (Wiki.)

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