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I was at the Yandina Community Gardens yesterday with Phil attending a talk on Food Forests and during the session we all took a walk through the YCG food forest. One of the plants I nibbled on, clearly a brassica, was the Ethiopian Cabbage. Yummo. 

I bought a packet of seed but it lacks a scientific name. Phil also bought seed which he will grow and share with mates.

Is anyone growing this plant to their knowledge? Would love to learn more about it.

Brassica abyssinica - name provided by Mary-Ann

Brassica carinata - name provided by Dave

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Mine is all green without any hint of mustard --esp when young/no purpling so far...and you harvest at a much smaller size than your photo. Easy grow. A great taste -- from my POV and I don't liker kale or spinach.

You treat it cut and come again.

Harvest the tender main shoot, with 8-10 leaves, and the lower shoots will grow out for a second, third and fourth harvest.  Cold hardy, will grow through the winter, even when temperatures dip into the 20s. 

I gather that Brassica abyssinica is mainly grown for seed oil -- and has yellow flowers.

Yandina Community Gardens have seeds of Ethiopian Cabbage available at $1 for the seeds and $2.50 for the postage and packing. Not sure it'd be worth the ripoff postage.

I did not know that you could order seeds from them.  That's great to know.  I have no problem with the postage - it only brings the cost up to the price of a package of seed that I have to drive somewhere to pick up!

They don't have an online shop. I used the email address on the website (or was it an online form?). Anyway, email to this address:

Elaine, I wonder if you could point me in the direction of the online shop for YCC?  I couldn't see anything on their website about seed sales.  I am pretty sure BOGI has had seed of this cabbage in the past - think I saw it in a back issue sometime but didn't get to the meeting. 

Cathie I have a packet of seed (as does Phil) and am happy to share some with you. 



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