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Its so satisfying to sit down to a meal produced from what is grown in your own garden. We are about to enjoy a pumpkin and Basil Pie with chokos in garlic white sauce and some roasted choko seeds, then a mock apple turnover for desert.

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you do have one up on me - where did you get your kombucha starter from and what recipe do you use - I make yoghurt and kefir but never kombucha

Mary-Ann :-  Christine got the kombucha from a lady at her yoga class and Christine does the process, but I do know she uses green tea and good honey, and then at bottling she uses different flavors.

Good article on the difference between JUN and KOMBUTCHA.


I might start another discussion about Jun and Kombutcha so we can find them again. This little chat will get lost.

James, on the subject of Mulberry wine, was the juice used or all of the fruit?

Rob :-  this is the second time I've tried to add this reply, lets see ??????

the Juice mate, absolutely no solids.

I have 23 liters racking on oak chips at present and will put that into 31 bottles in a month, so if you want to taste a descent Mulberry Wine, we'll have to organize a visit.

Thanks James, that sounds great.

Bingo!  The penny has dropped.  B I N G O was its nameo. 

LOL, I was almost going to phrase it ... on Andy's behalf. James, your descriptions of Christine's and your preparation of your other beverages las

WELL Wonders never cease.

My six Cran. Hib. are flowering, so I've pick the buds for a couple of days and boiled with water and sugar in the microwave and tastes just like Rosella Jam. I'll keep collecting and processing now.


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