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Its so satisfying to sit down to a meal produced from what is grown in your own garden. We are about to enjoy a pumpkin and Basil Pie with chokos in garlic white sauce and some roasted choko seeds, then a mock apple turnover for desert.

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Awesome James ... bet you there's a Kombucha in there too, well done guys!

Sounds wonderful James, I could go some pumpkin and basil pie and turnovers. I get a great feeling even when I’m picking bits and pieces to go with dinner. I haven’t managed to have a whole dinner from the garden yet but I’m working on it.

When I started the discussion my page locked up so I had to turn off the computer. I've since, had my meal, and now I'm again logged in.  Well Rob I didn't have Kombucha, but instead, a glass of my Mulberry wine.

I've had trouble sending PMs. 'sending … sending' goes round and round.

I just got an error message and revisited the BLF site and I was still logged in, think I'll log out and try again on another day.

Well done. You are such creative cooks. I eat something out of my garden 98 days out of 100 and it always gives me great pleasure as well as nutrient. 

What a wonderful Dinner James, your Pie sounds lovely and the Mock Apple Turnovers, what a treat. To cap it off with Mulberry Wine that is a sure way to end a first class meal.  Congratulations to you both.



what a great feeling to have a meal made from things you grow - lunch today was roasted beetroot, grated potato and zucchini fried in home made butter ( with two of our eggs to make fritter thingys ) chopped sugarloaf cabbage grated carrot pickled onions and sun dried tomatoes -followed by home made cheese and figs - with rosella cordial - pity I used some pepper or I could have said the whole meal was from our backyard !


Being no long before dinner, you are making me hungry. It really is a fantastic feeling to say, "I grow this myself"

Fantastic Mary-Anne, that's better sourced than our meal, we don't have chooks, so had to use bought eggs, fetta and puff pastry, and garlic, though I do have some garlic starting to grow, but like you Lissa,we use our garden produce 98% of the time. If I lived closer to you guys, and with bartering, we'd probably hardly ever  use shop bought produce. 


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