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Hi there, I am looking for edible giant pandanus leaves ( or at least non-poisonous). We use them to wrap sticky rice dumplings in (also known as nyonya dumpling). Around this time of the year in Singapore it is sold for the home cooks but I never am able to catch the season as I am here in Singapore, and I am unable to get a scientific name for it from the food sellers.. Can anyone help?

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Pandan? Several BLFers have Pandan growing.

We discussed this I know Matt, but try any contacts you can think of to try and find out the botanical name.

You could also try posting a question on Jerry Coleby-Williams FB page - he seems interested and knowledgable about some of these more unknown plants.

I know there are two types of Pandanus amaryllifolius, aka P. odorus. The smaller one, fragrant pandan or screwpine, is the one we use for making kuei, kaya, pandan chiffon and so on. The other is the large variety that I believe grows to 4m with leaves up to ~2m in length and ~9-10cm in width. As far as I'm aware, the latter does not have a separate botanical name. This must be the one that is used to wrap the dumplings.

You should be able to find the dried leaves at Asian grocers? We used to buy them in the culinary wilderness that is Canberra, so they should be available here.

Thanks joseph.. I have the small ones growing but am after the larger 4m ones...

I've only see pictures of this giant pandan. Growing one would be a challenge in this climate. And imagine the space needed.

No.. To wrap the dumplings... It'll be nice to do something traditional after being away for so long... But yes I dont mind growing them either...

Are you back in S'pore atm? We haven't made dumplings since moving to Brisbane but I reckon some grocers should stock them. Although I find grocers here, especially in Sunnybank, cater more to Taiwanese.

Good luck in your search!

No I'm not back but are making a big batch this long weekend...

Doh, I was thinking of dried bamboo leaves. I'd forgotten that traditional nyonya recipe calls for the giant pandan leaves.

Where were they Matt? I don't remember seeing any Pandan.

My friend is plant sitting for me...

Ah :)

Love your icon pic btw. Can't wait until I have them growing myself.


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