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Hi everyone  ~ I just found this google map!! Let's all add to it of trees we know ~  I think I saw a few Loquat trees along the Beaudesert road, but will need to confirm when it fruits .. I think it's flowering at the moment ~

Edible Brisbane: Public Fruit
Locations of fruit trees growing on public land. Public Fruit. Brisbane, Queensland.

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Interesting! How is information added to the map? Is there a legend - just what is the significance of the different colours and types of pin? The explanations are truncated, any way of finding out what the full text is?

There are Tamarind trees in the lower part of Dornoch Terrace Highgate Hill/Hill End.
This is pretty cool, but I also can't see how to add?
Thanks Jethro, you beat me to it :)
Also, once you're in the edit mode, there will be three new icons appearing next to your map navigation bar on the top left hand side of the map, you can click on the balloon to add a placemark. Once you put a placemark in, you can select it to be any balloon or pin colours, but I don't know what the different colour pins & balloon means...
Actually, I just checked again, it looks like the there's different colours for different fruit plants like magenta for lillipillies and red for mango...
Well after some head scratching and creative mousing, I have figured out how to use this amazing map - with thanks to Jethro for the basic instructions.

Still can't see how all the text can be read and nor is it simple to figure out where each one is - all the orange pins for example, take your pick.

It's a great idea which could do with a bit of tweaking to make it of practical use.
Elaine, you read all the info from each pin/balloon by double clicking on the individual balloon/pin, either from the list on the left hand side, or directly on the map.

You can zoom in the map to find out exactly which road/street/intersection/land it's on, you can also use the satellite icon on the top right hand side of the map to get satellite photographic view and actually see the trees etc.. although not always clear.. you can also use street view.. to read up on all the functionality of google map, try help on google map
Come along to a foraging tour and mapping workshop tomorrow 10th of July. We'll be splitting into groups and listing all of the findings in the Hill End area, then returning for an afternoon of mapping workshops. Check out this website for more info:
A number of trees are already noted on the Google map, including my observation of Tamarinds in the Hill End end of Dornoch Terrace. Would love to be there but live too far away now, used to live in Highgate Hill in another lifetime.
Great map!
I will add Tamarind trees in Annerley. Many trees are growing along Ekibin Road and they are fruiting now. So if you are looking for tamarinds...



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