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In a mad moment, a few months back, I decided to grow a desert lime.  I believe it is an Australian native tree,  which grows out in the dry parts of Australia.  Silly me, now we have a huge downpour on the way, remnants of Cyclone Debbie.  The small plant is planted in a round wicking bin and the instructions were to keep it on the dry side, even though it is a grafted tree.  So out I went with a garbage bag and protected it from flooding rain, all you can see is the leaves poking out the top.  

The plant is Citrus glauca and was from Turners Nursery with a label 'Citrus2Grow', wish me luck.  I will post a photo when the rain stops. 

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I'm sure your little plant will be OK Christa. I have a few of the Australian Finger Limes and others Citrus (they tell you to keep on the dry side) and they have coped over the time they have been in, though mine are in the ground. At least in a wicking Bin you have the over flow holes so when it stops the excess water will drain away. You don't need luck, you have Green Fingers but Good Luck anyway.

The plant should be fine, Christa. It seems counter-intuitive to have a 22mm overflow in a 200L bin yet most of my fruit-trees are in bins like this. Regardless of downpours, I have not - so far - lost any plants from over-watering including 4 Figs which don't like wet feet.

Thanks folks, this is in one of the bins, unlike the others, I am trying to keep on the dry side and allow rain showers to do the watering.  I have seen photo's of it growing in the outback and it is usually of a lonely tree growing on red soil.   It is smaller fruit, more grapelike in appearance, with a thin skin which can be eaten whole. It has the same pulp or juice vesicles as in finger limes.   It has intense flavour, and can be frozen for later use.  Can take up to 3 years to fruit. 

Thanks so much Elaine and Christa for the helpful info.



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