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I have two cassava I need to dig up soon. I don't have freezer space for them and wondered if anyone has tried or heard of dehydrating the grated tubers?

From a safety perspective it should be OK, but I don't know what the process will do to the texture and flavour (what flavour?). I like what drying does to the texture of sliced sweet potato, in that it cooks up firmer making it easier to avoid mushiness in wet dishes like curries etc. it is impossible to find much on drying grated cassava, except for info on how to (tediously) process the bitter varieties. Since all the cassava I've seen in QLD is 'sweet', the elaborate procedures are unnecessary.

Anyone tried dehydrating cassava?

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Thanks David. I do grow Aibika. It 's always looking a bit sad here in winter but comes good again in the warm wet weather. I use it quite a lot in soups and stews.

Bele is very good for constipation and also for pregnant women as it is high in iron.  The Fijian people say that the sliminess of it also helps lubricate the birth canal for actual child birth if the mother ate plenty during her pregnancy.

I'll bear all of this in mind next time I'm constipated or pregnant ;)

One may be possible, the other a minor miracle ;-)

lol ;)


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