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Thank you Darren for the special worm tower!

It has been installed in one of the IBC wicking beds for 7 weeks now and has a healthy colony of compost worms. Black soldier fly have found it as well.

The insert allows

- Me to have a unique view of biota and composting progress when removed.

- Easy removal of castings from tower.

- Harvesting of BSF Larvae.

- Inoculation of biota when transferred to a new worm tower (new insert goes into old & old insert into new).

This is the first wicking bed here (or garden for that matter), to have specialised worm housing... Love it!

Thanks again Mate!

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Looks like a good way to increase good stuff in an enclosed garden.  We have some big fat pvc pipe that we should convert to these worm towers. 

They're great Christa, easier to handle than the worm farm (I loose that 50cm diameter lid down the back when I have one hand full of scraps and the other trying to manage where to sit the lid). With the tower, it's hold the upside down pot in one hand and chuck the scraps down the chute with the other.

Thanks for your blog  and photos on this Rob.As I have  said to many people these towers cant really not work or cant fail using better English.If following normal composting principles keeping it a touch moist and using no meat or yukky vegetable oils then there should never be a smell and all will be fine.If put in a bed of low quality,low organic matter etc then it would take longer to work without the extra help of all our little underground friends.



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