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Hi everyone, Our plant whisperer friend Dianne and myself have decided to grow yams in large pots.Many people often wonder where to plant new crops without having to  dig up new areas or overcrowding other plants but these are different as a large pot and a trellis  is all you will need.That trellis is any average sized tree in your garden and where a reasonably sized pot can sit.I  currently have both greater and winged yam , discatorea alata currently sprouting in pots and sourced them from an asian grocers .I will plant some  at Diannes under the watchful eyes of her hubby in case I start a commercial yam operation.I Shall plant quite a few in my  front and back yard testing the neighbours honesty by using the councils gum.Why yams you ask? they are a beautiful vine ,easy to grow,versatile in cooking, great shelf life and why not!lol.So if you have a living trellis,Im sure you  do and have a large pot why not give it a go.Your trellis and yams vine will be close friends till the end of winter and you can then harvest your bounty wich should be a few kilos.It would be good to hear other peoples results,problems,pests if any ,growing rates and harvest weights bye for now and happy Gardening.

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Love it Darren!

Cheryl gave me some yam seeds at my GV, I'll have to check up on what type they are.

Last year I planted some Dioscorea transversa (Australian native yam/long yam) under some Davidson's Plums. It died back through winter and was making a comeback until recently when I accidentally pulled it out (while weeding native raspberry).

I planted some in a large pot under a mulberry tree at the beginning of the year. A critter pulled most out and chewed on the roots, however 2 survived and one's kicking into action now. Below is a shot from May, up until 2 weeks ago, it changed very little (they are reported to die back through winter, however the bare Mulberry tree supplied plenty of sunlight through Winter. It's kicked into action now with warmer weather and shade from direct sunlight.

In Photo Below - Not the sweet potato on bank, the smaller heart-shaped leaves climbing the tree.

The native yam (s)? are winding their way in and out of the mulberry tree.The younger purple-backed leaves are up at 2 & 1/2 metres.

I have no idea what's going on in the pot below, and still hopping for good luck in having a male and female plant if or when they flower.

love to try this - do either of you Darren or Rob have any spare seeds?  have been looking for yams for a while now - our closest Asian supermarket doesn't stock fruit and vegies only dried goods ( Morayfield ) so yams have been difficult to come across - any other ideas ? 

Hi Mary anne I sprout tubers and plant them .I will grab a couple of tubers ,they are not too expensive and bring them up to meet on the 8th

thanks Darren would love a coupel let me know how much I owe you - dont expect too much from the garden on the 8th - had lots of dreams of what  was going to achieve but daughter in Perth had a crises so I have been in perth now for nearly 2 weeks and fly back just before the 8th late 6th i think ( like midnight ! or even 7th) so dreams went up with the smoke !!!!! 

Thats ok family first and garden ahhhhh ok 2nd  lol

,hope your crisis is over and dont worry myself and Dianne will have enough.Anyone else can they please contact me if they cant source them and

Dianne and I   will see you at the visit.

There is or was 2 Indian/Asian grocers at Rothwell - along DBay Road, left side towards Caboolture. Small shopping centre with a windmill in the front. There's other shops close by might be worth a look too, all on the left.

There's another Asian grocer-cum-tobacconist on DBay Road at Deception Bay near Shell servo near Park Road. Right side going towards Caboolture.

And an Indian grocer at Morayfield outside the main shopping centre, right side going towards Caboolture and an Indian grocer at Burpengary near the IGA in a shopping centre close to the Woolies one.

thanks Elaine for the info - the one accross from Morayfield school is the only one i found - if i have a student to do a report on at the school I can call in there on my way home - will definitely look into the other ones - pity work has to interfer with gardening life !!!! 

I bought the native yam seedlings at Kumbartcho Nursery 
These are reported (from wild harvest) to be small yield slow growing producers. I suppose it's more native-novelty and curiosity.

I'm still keen to get seeds from these plants when they grow large enough.

bother was only there a few weeks ago and have a lot of their bush tucker plants for novelty and curiosity ! will look for yams there next time we are there ! 

Darren do you know the botanical name for these yams , i would like to research these .

look up dioscorea paul for a more informative view


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