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At the Queensland Parliament website ... Queensland residents only ... have pen and paper handy as there's a number to write down before the petition proper is signed. Go here:

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good on you! where did you find it?


did you see the pictures of the gas bubbling out of the Condamine River?......

NB this subject is relevant to local food, because the coal seam gas industry is (I believe) enormously threatening to farmland, rivers, water catchments and aquifers - not to mention that burning coal and coal seam gas is a huge generator of greenhouse gas, which again is enormously threatening (via global warming) to local food production (and the great barrier reef!!).

and just to indulge in a little ranting:

why on earth we're not investing in solar and wind power schemes on the same scale I just do not know - I can't understand the sort of short-sightedness/ greed/ self-interest/ stupidity that would think that mining coal seam gas is a good idea....Germany hit 50% of its power needs with solar power generation the other day - they have SO much less sun than Queensland....

and NB? if we don't sell it to them, china/ india etc can't burn our coal....

and NNB? creating new industries (i.e. world leading solar technology) and selling it to the rest of the world is great for the economy and for economic growth... 

ok, i'll stop ranting: but i had to explain global warming to my seven year old today, and she said (although i tried to gloss over it) that it sounded really scary....

these short sighted self-interested money people make me REALLY upset and angry :(

commiserations like-minded people, and don't give up - we'll get there in the end, we just have to stop them doing too much latent damage before global warming becomes impossible to deny (which is inevitable - ask the IPCC)

Yes, it was on the news as well ... or I think it was. Regardless, there's video out on the web.

Signed! Anyone else here seen the documentary "Gasland" ? 

Coal Seam Gas is GREAT if you want to turn your kitchen sink into a flame thrower..

It's also good for tackling obesity - with the demise of our farmland and poisoning of our water, we won't be growing much food so we'll all be on a diet.   is an outline of the CSG Free Communities strategy, developed in the NSW Northern Rivers and endorsed by the LTG strategy and management committees.

It explains how to go about this process in your community.

CSG-free Community initiative

The CSG-free Community initiative, which has been endorsed by Lock the Gate Alliance, involves local communities declaring themselves to be CSG-free. 

The initiative is spreading like wildfire through the Northern Rivers, with over 17 communities declaring themselves CSG-free and many other communities involved in the process.

Lock the Gate Alliance encourages communities across Australia to take up this initiative.


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