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Hey listen, what if someone came to your home and said I have the right to drill in your garden for gas and there was no way you could say no? Your kids end up with gushing nosebleeds and no food or water and there is nothing you can do? That is what is happening 1 hour away from Logan near Boonah.  Miners are taking the coals seam gas from Australia, killing our farm land, poisoning our water and selling us out to China while we pay 20 billion for the roads to the mines. Go check it out and act

TALK about it, read up,,

SHARE it, send this on. This is not about left or right, but about right or wrong.      Send it to all that care about food security. Get it discussed everywhere!

Oh and there is an alternative to that idea that mines bring jobs. They don’t actually, but this does:, Beyond Zero Emissions is an independent, not-for-profit organisation of scientists and experts who worked out how Australia can do renewable energy and create heaps of steady jobs and cheap energy by 2020  PASS THIS FORWARDACTION it, any which way that suits you I have called all politicians in my area, and it is amazing what they do and don’t know. Very informative!,

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On the 7.30 report tonight there was some discussion about how neither of the major parties were interested in coal seam gas as an election issue. It certainly hasn't hit the TV news bulletins in its own right.

The Lock the Gate Alliance seems to be well involved as to a lesser extent are Get Up. Petitions are fine and that is about the extent of my involvement but for the younger more active BLFers, doing something physical like taking part in a blockade might be more to their taste. The closer the csg exploration comes to Brisbane itself - already Pullenvale is being mentioned - more people from the Brisbane suburbs are going to be involved.

In some ways the time for action to stop the fracking has passed although it's never really too late to protest ... there's some damage been done already to farm lands, water and people's health. Somehow that damage needs to be exposed on national media and that's where already-established organisations like Lock the Gate and Get Up can be very helpful with their knowledge of the news media and how it works and their contacts in it.

Some of the organisations with links you have mentioned Gabrielle are as yet small and I hope that they will put aside their personal empire-building and co-operate with Lock the Gate (for example). United we stand, divided we fall ... csg is a potentially major disruption to our life as we know it putting in jeopardy our ability as a nation to feed ourselves and drink pure water. There really must be a united front against this menace to our future.

It is disappointing that the major parties do not care enough about the future to at least agree to a moritorium pending scientific analysis. The reality is that unless there is a very significant vote for Greens or pro-environmental Independents, neither of them will take any notice.

If BLFers want to vote Green but fear their vote will not have any weight, then be re-assured. IF you vote 1. Green and 2. either of the major parties then even though the Green does not get in, their votes go to the candidate with 2. beside their name. But you have to number all the squares for that to happen. Voting the party ticket (using 'optional preferential') will not guarantee that.

Hi Elaine,

Always good to read what you put up!

Thanks for the voting tip... and the reminder on direct action is timely. There's a lot of facebook/ twiiter activity around Lock the Gate and also Getup. I noticed that their is a big push in Northern NSW this week to educate people as to whats going on there... and there are more people signing on to Lock the Gate this week via FB! Also checking out the Brisbane AntiCSG FB page and others!

        Gabrielle put in some serious dilalogue time with various groups and politicians which I was particularly impressed by before sending out her emails campaign.

          My time focused on activating email networks, FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked-in and blog dialogues. The Facebook page (I dont do private friends scenario, just pubic page) has been working well as people have kept the photo and links circulating out into all of their networks.

26 have shared so far from my page, some of those are being shared etc! Through Email I've tapped into Director of the Writers Festival... trying to plant a seed in that forum of public debate... also a large highly organised network of QLD Rural Women thru a good link... people have written to say they've shared it on. Bloggers have been good and taken it to other places like tumblr and FB as well their  blogs... its also on Pinterest.

Someone asked a sober question ... why bother with this call out ...that's what Lock the Gate is for!

I say that many will NEVER go looking for 'Lock the gate" without persuasion from within their own community of trusted connections...their peers...same age perhaps and lifestyle etc ... people in their own orbit may help point them to both the debate and the organisation. I noted with interest that someone I know well who does not open emails was estatic to find my FB Page and see her friend in Canberra had shared ... so she then shared! She would never open my email - even if it was party photo for eg.. not interested in email!

These kinds of efforts are unlikely to have immediate results that effect much ... BUT what I see happening, that should not be underestimated, is a shift in openness to public dialogues from people who generally don't see the point.

WE are going to increasingly need participants in public dialogues of every kind.

As an Artist blogger these past three years Ive learnt so much about what to say, when and where, who my audience is made up of...etc! When my art focus became much more complex through the 2010 residency I started another blog and was cheered on by many!

BUT I learned in time I was out of step with many artists in this country who were horrified to see me link Art to science and politics in an art blog. I got told this many times to my face. The OS blogger didnt seem bothered! I did find other artists in my boat ... but not really in the mainstream that I dipped in and out of.

I've perservered with this kind of public engagement with issues and thinking outside the box.... because of the organisations I sometimes work with the voice Ive adopted avoids sounding too opinionated... instead I like to showcase all kinds of voices and stories so that the readers do the thinking... thus introducing material for hopefully quality debate.

The blog voice faciliates rather than pontificates. I sense we are still getting used to this kind of public dialogue in our country. Of course it happens but its not as active across the community as it could be ... and thats why I do what I do... and am so pleased to say that in the art community my blog voice is now less "strange" than it was 2 yrs ago to many artists and I can see shifts being made in terms of quality content being pursued and communicated in more accessible ways. Less fixation with style, appearing intellectual, showing off and/or trying to fit notions of "perfect" artist . TO BE CONTINUED...

Continued - TWO:

Elaine... what I see now is a great deal of conformity in the creative realm that used to be more questioning and provocative, directly or indirectly.  I think we need more of this quality of feisty or energised thinking.... and many expressions of that. I lived in Melbourne for 12 yrs and experienced a great deal of that.,,, time or place... both? Dont know.

What I do know is that there is no one way to deal with these times ... solutions must come in all sizes and shapes.  If the collective, very used to consuming, learns to create ... food gardens, natural products for the home, new systems for doing things AND a stronger voice ... fostering an engaged community dialogue that has complexity and room for all layers seems pretty important to me.

Reading this Media Release from Tuesday: CAHA’s submission to the Australian Government’s draft Energy White... which was signed by;

CAHA Members: Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW); Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM); Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS); Australian Hospitals and Healthcare Association (AHHA); Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA); Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI); Australian Research Alliance of Children and Youth (ARACY); Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN); Australian Nursing Federation (ANF); Australian Psychological Society (APS); Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN); CRANAplus; Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA); Doctors Reform Society; Friends of CAHA; Health Consumers’ Network (Qld); Health Issues Centre (HIC); Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA); Royal College of Nursing Australia (RCNA); Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP); North Yarra Community Health (NYCH); Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH); Women’s Health in the North; World Vision.

 Makes me think that it certainly helps to be kept in the loop about how other Australians feel... the more we know each other cares about these matters the stronger we can be.

My friend on a farm in the Downs who spoke at the Food Security/Mining Forum last week felt said the fact we were sending out this campaign from the city made a lot of them feel like we actually cared in the city.

I guess I see the multiple layers of impact that can come from actions that are not always obvious. This quite friend invited Alan Jones to open her art exhibition... that set a whole lot of things in motion.

Thats something I am very open to ... sometimes small actions can have potent outcomes... its about action... stepping forward... without it there's no chance for movement.



I think the science is known, but the point is, given the damage this does, why are we even doing it?

We need GHG free energy that doesn't pollute, destroy farmland, endanger aquifers, or poison people and animals. CSG does not seem to be fitting the bill....

Keep in mind that Queensland has the second best (second only to the Sahara which is being mooted as a potential supplier to Europe) solar gain (i.e. spot for solar installations) in the, hello? 


Transition Gas should not be confused for an energy source. It has been dreamt up by the marketing departments of the same oil companies that have funded campaigns to deny the existence of climate change. The industry needs to come clean and admitTransition Gas is a marketing term. In its many forms – conventional; coal seam; shale; or even natural – Transition Gas is exactly the same fuel molecule by molecule as plain old fossil fuel gas. It is the same fuel that leaks significant amounts of climate damaging methane and releases carbon dioxide when burnt.....

My local ALP member happens to have been on the Committee looking at whether renewable energies are viable in Queensland (he is a minister). They came to the conclusion that it wasn't. So I asked if he had seen the Beyond Zero Emission plan? or the  Qld Energy report from Trevor Brevit. He had not but said he can only go on what the bureaucracy hands him. I said that as my representative he has the duty to hear/investigate all sides of the story and had he checked out or even just teh abc site on CSG? Well no, was the answer, eventually. He also claimed it was sustainable of QLD to export more gas than coal. Excuse me? Exporting a finite product is sustainable??? Anyway I did not react badly, just asked him to investigate all sides.

Me thinks there is a lot of mis and dis information around and that if someone brought clarity into it + a reasonable way forward, they would have been voted upon. But alas, not this time. So vote Green to show you care about this and maybe some people will wake up. Katter has spoiled it with his sibling rivalry, so there really is only 1 sensible option.

By the way, I also phoned with the LNP candidate who was much the better man, investigating all sides, but who had to agree that although the ranks are questioning the LNP view on CSG, the top is not and thus I can't vote for a party that is expecting to take the watchdog (such as it is ) on the mines away (DerM). 

What will it take? A people revolt? 

Not a revolt but a critical mass. That's where all the blogging, Twittering and general conversation come in. Different strokes for different folks. I know that the CSG industry is not going to go away tomorrow. I do know that if enough folks from enough areas of the State make enough noise then the pollies will take notice. And of course, CSG is not unique to Queensland. It's in Victoria and NSW with Tony Windsor being an outspoken critic of it in his area.

I am pleased that you two young energetic people are mobilizing in favour of renewables. Ultimately that's what's got to happen - we know this, the major party pollies don't seem to. There's a good amount of energy about with Drew Hutton and his people with Lock the Gate but a many-pronged attack is needed and these days the social media is such a powerful influence. And more so, the people who are going to directly be impacted - the young - are the ones who are adept at using it.

The artists might not like getting involved in politics or protests but I am sure that they eat and drink like the rest of us. It may not have quite sunk in yet with the majority of people that the CSG industry is going to affect the arable land on which our food is grown and the water used to grow it.

Well said Scarlett...

as bloggers from around the globe remark on whats its done to their communities it makes no sense. In a letter to Anna Bligh's office two days ago I suggested she do an Al Gore and leave Parliament if she would like to show she cares about the future of this State. 

Gabrielle... your conversations with both politicians have to cause them to reflect... of course they can ignore and push on... but each time the conversations happen who knows how you chip away!

Drew Hutton announced this 3 days ago: Suburbs of Brisbane covered by the EPP include Moggill, Pullenvale, Karana Downs and Brookfield and the tenement comes within a kilometre or so of the Kenmore shopping centre. Read whole article on Lock the Gate: Media: Coal seam gas tenements in Brisbane suburbs that getting close to home for Brisbane City dwellers!

Hitton also said "Arrow's recently-completed environmental impact statement allows for coal seam gas wells to be placed within 200 metres of someone's house."

As you say Elaine...

the many-pronged attack is needed... so anyone reading this who can drive a blog, social media site etc... check out LOCK the GATE  and share, or Gabrielles' original post above with lots of links there.... or my blog with all the links ready for you to hit!

cheers all,


ps click to this photo and share on facebook:

Everyone here makes some great points about a subject that threatens city and country alike.


It's a shame the CSG saga couldn't have got mainstream attention in Brisbane earlier in this campaign..........


I am giving out how to vote cards tomorrow at Bulimba State School for The Greens, CSG is one of the features of the leaflets I delivered last week. The other two parties have conveniently ignored it because they support CSG drilling.


The Greens are recommending Vote 1 only in all electorates except Ashgrove where the HTVCards will preference Labor as no 2 in exchange for preferences in Mount Cootha, which the Greens may win.


It's a bit of a compromise in that Kate Jones in Ashgrove was the DERM minister that approved CSG licences, politics is sometimes about compromise...........


The CSG industry is self regulating. Can we trust them like we did James Hardy?


It has been proven to be unsafe in the USA, where toxic solvents have leached into the water supply, why should we stand by and see it happen here?


The response I got to a recent letter to the DERM minister was that the Govt have sectioned a few areas in the state for food production, ie Gatton etc. Some of these areas would be affected by CSG! Also, no provision for growth of population was mentioned.


If CSG concerns you then you should consider voting 1 for the only party that is against it and if elected would stop it. Even if not elected it would serve as notice to the two bigger parties that it is an issue for many people in QLD.




Glad to have you weigh in with this very clear outline of options people can follow if they wish Paul!

Your point about James Hardy and other's like them is why I feel we need to be increasingly aware and prepared to speak up, act, pass it on... waiting  and holding back is not going to help!


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