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I was wondering if anyone has some chicory root they can spare - not sure if it grows in Queensland but want to give it a go to use as coffee substitute.

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Eden seeds sell Chicory Coffee (Stetorium intybus magdeburg)

Could be a challenge. It grows semi-commercially on Phillip Island.

Indeed  when you spend time there you'll discover old , often abandoned, kilns dotted around the Island. 

The seed was planted in spring, heavily manured in summer and harvested throughout the winter. After harvest, it was taken to the rectangular kilns where it was spread out on a wire rack set high in the tower and roasted over a fire for 24 hours at 148 degrees. It was said that along with the grazing industry, chicory was responsible for virtually denuding the island of its primary forest.

Chicory root blended with coffee  is a fav in New Orleans, but the processing seems complex.

I love the Bushells chicory essence although it's a tad sweet.

This place sells the chicory root for reasonable prices if you want to try it. I have ordered from them before and they are pretty good to deal with.

Thanks guys, will order some seeds and see what happens.  

Dave - the Bushells one is far too sweet for me, I don't use sugar at all so anything that has a sweetener added doesn't taste nice to me.


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