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Hiya - with the sad loss of our old dog last month, we are starting a new chapter with some chickens. I've been looking for plans to convert our swing set into a chicken coop. I have found plenty of visual reference but wondering if anyone has seen any detailed plans with measurements and suggested materials out there? I'm going to find an old screen door to include as entry into the large side and am planning on mouse mesh and keen on sourcing some recycled materials for the nesting box and as shade over (corrugated iron or similar). And after seeing the post here about chickens liking to swing - I thought I would leave the swing in place too. I'm not a real dab hand at timber work, so the simpler the better. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks.

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Thanks christa... Yes one website says they can jump 6 feet no worries. Scary stuff but thanks for the tip about the council site.

I also wired the roof.  Gotta keep the snakes out. 

I just concreted a few posts into the ground and nailed mouse mesh over that Wend.  I also used my old dog house as the nesting area.  Instant Palaco de Pullet.  

Thanks Andrew. Where did you find the cheapest mouse mesh? Our produce store has some cheaper than Bunnings but have seen some retailers on gumtree cheaper again but not sure of their reliability.

I got mine from Bunnings.  I think the Gumtree suppliers would be better. 



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