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Not gardening related as such, but may be of use to someone (keep it in your garage with seeds in it??).

My daughter has a chest of drawers to give away. One drawer front needs to be reattached otherwise it's in good condition and suitable for a childs room.

H 1.2m, D 44cm, W 86cm.

Pick up necessary from Strathpine.

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have featured - I won't send out to members cos not gardening related, don't want to send too many emails

Thanks Scarlett. Hoping my other daughter will take with her this weekend.


With a little creative thinking this set of drawers could be a wonderful vertical garden or planter!  Perhaps there are some gardeners out there who can use this after all?

Here's a bit of inspiration ... maybe it will end up in the outdoors!

Or this:

I'm in awe of the flexible mind which came up with these designs! How long do you reckon pine furniture would last in the Queensland outdoors? Or would it need to be oiled or coated in some way? Drawers always seem to have such flimsy bottoms, how does that travel with wet soil and plants?

I've renovated furniture a few times and love repurposing items.  There are plenty of finishes that can lengthen life if using indoor furniture outdoors so that's not a problem - you can just choose an appropriate product to coat the type of finish you are working with.  I'd probably position furniture on a verandah if possible to give some protection but timber drawers can be used on their own - not just in a chest too.

The main factor to get right is of course good drainage but there are lots of ways to make this a workable garden. 

  • You could use the drawers as cachepots so they stay looking attractive.  You can achieve this by putting a number of smaller self-watering pots inside the drawers; or a shallow tray inside with pots or containers on it so the water drains into the bottom of the tray; or use a cake rack sitting in a shallow tray and put the plants in pots on top of that.
  • You could line the drawers with plastic so the bottom is not damaged and depending on the drawer measurements, use a shallow polystyrene box inside and just grow herbs and greens that don't require much soil depth.  When you need to water you can take the poly box out, let the water drain away and replace it in the cachepot (drawer).
  • You could grow succulents and use as 'garden art' rather than just for edibles as succulents are attractive but require little water or maintenance.

Alternatively, if you really like a piece of furniture like this, you could convert it into a potting bench on the top and a place to store small garden tools and supplies below (with/without drawers). With a little imagination, there are lots of materials that can be repurposed into something useful in the garden like the old window and table below.


Drawers are a perfect storage solution for trowels, secateurs, plant labels, seed packets etc.  The upright sides of the chest of drawers can have hooks drilled in to hang various small tools, baling twine etc. 

Individually, shallow drawers could be used to raise seeds and seedlings as a plant nursery.


Or be a miniature garden for children to grow herbs, small flowers and tiny succulents in and just get creative by adding their own toys or dolls furniture.  They can paint the outside bright colours and have an Out-drawer Garden!


If you need a mobile vertical garden, add some castors to the bottom of the unit and you can have your own 'meals on wheels.' 

If the drawers have a flimsy bottom, they could be replaced with some wire mesh nailed on for natural drainage and strength.  The possibilities for micro gardening in repurposed containers are only limited by your imagination.  There are lots more solutions but hopefully this gives you some ideas!

Love the pics Anne :D

Let's hope someone get inspired to recycle our drawers - which are still in our spare room taking up space! and very much available to a good home.

Thank you very much for the drawers Lissa.  They will be put to good use inside the house.  :)   I have fixed the broken draw already and next payday will head to Bunnings for some ply to replace the drawer bottoms and back.  I know Bunnings can cut the ply the right size for me, so all I have to do then is nail or screw the pieces on.

And thank you very much for your hospitality at your Garden Visit this morning.  Many interesting people met, interesting discussions had, and goodies shared.

No worries Jennifer, very glad the chest found a good loving home ;) 

Thank you for coming today - I was running around doing "stuff" and couldn't pay anyone much personal attention. Hope you enjoyed yourself.


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