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I just lost two...

Water and food was full. Adequate shade. Even set up a kids pool this morning. What's that saying about leading horses to water?

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chopped not shopped sorry

Sorry to hear about your chooks Craig. So sad to loose them. I dunked mine in a box with about 5 to 10 cm of water and splashed water on their leg and chest.. Some did not like it but when I came back 20 mins later they were all waiting by the box. So I gave them all another go and some water full of ice. (I keep old yogurtt pots 3/4 full of water in the freezer just for that) I find them resting in funny places like the front door tiles. Must have been a cool spot. All were spreading their wings and panting at some point. I did consider taking them inside...well for a few minutes until I realised I don't need anynore cleanup.
While we're on the subject I'm about to build a new chicken coop. The old one is about to fall apart. Any tips or ideas?

May get some good ideas from

Recently saw a very cool chook pen shaped like an egg....

As big as you can in case your chooks can't get out on a given day for whatever reason, heat, least 1 m2 per chook.
The mesh we used was good for keeping bugs out but not strong enough and the girls still get bit confused trying to get through it. Hence the tears.
Sliding door is fantastic.
The window is good for the laying box, you can see they're laying and not disturb them. (We used perspect not glass)
Roof over the whole coop to maximise shade and dry conditions inside. Two-level is good to keep dry in heavy rain
At least 1laying box per 3 chicken.
30cm of perch space per chook.
We initially had a storage space for straw but one of the girls (who seems to be the bottom of the pecking order) turned it into a refuge space. Anyway the straw is still stored in a dry space and not spreading all over the place.
I really like the chicken drinker (20l with nipple dripper) and feeder ( holds a whole 20kg bag) we built on Rob Bob's instructions (youtube). I use the old feeder for grit now.

Hope it helps...
Thanks I had a look at those youtube videos and they look like winners

Did you like my chook pen Craig, i wanted plenty of ventilation and in winter they are fine even with the winds.and it was cheap and easy to erect.

Got any better pictures?

I'll do some today!

Cool. I don't really have any limitations as I will build it myself. Obviously the bigger the coop, the smaller the size of the pen. I really like the food and water ideas (rob bob) as I get a lot of pest birds eating it. My pen area is a triangle 9m x 8m x 7m. Interested in internal setup.
For all the advice I gave, sadly we lost one of our younger chooks today. She had been picked on by the other chooks but even with letting them have plenty of space, food and water, she did not perk up. It took 2 days from looking off colours to twitching her little heads then finding her laying on the lawn still warm and soft. It have this horrible feeling that I let her down. I made a promise to myself to be even more vigilent.

Sorry to hear that Valerie. Not really sure what you could have done for her, but I feel ya pain.  


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