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I have been wanting to Collect a few different Cat’s Whiskers, no not the Pussy Cat kind but the Orthosiphon aristatus F. Lamiaceae kind.  They are fast growing, perennial bushes, growing 1-2 metres tall, indigenous to south east Asia and Australia’s tropical North Queensland. They are used Medically in many Asian Countries and India.

I am looking for seeds or cutting material and would be happy to share plants I have with you. Now you may have a White, but not all White’s are the same as there are many cultivars available, some may be long on the stalk, some fat, and some with different sized whiskers.

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Bought some mixed Cat's Whiskers seeds from Beautanicals on the Sunshine Coast. When or if I can find them, you are welcome to them.

Hi Dianne;

If it's closer for you, Kumbartcho (where I volunteer most Tuesdays, although possibly not the coming one!) has a fantastic bed of Cats' Whiskers growing there, and should have them available from the Sanctuary's Community Nursery too...

It's at 15 Bunya Pine Court, Eatons Hill -!nursery/c10d6 has the stock list up there (which says there are a few hundred Cat's Whiskers plants available, apparently)!

Good luck finding the cultivars you want (hope they ARE the ones you want, that we have at Kumbartcho!) Worth a visit anyway, I'd reckon! ;)

:) Lainie.

Hi Lainie, Thanks for the info but Eaton's Hill is a fair way from me. I am out Forest Lake way. Unfortunately I can't drive anymore so have to depend on a husband who still works to take me to GV's , Nurseries and the like. But if they are open on a week end he would more than happy to take me there.

Thanks Elaine for the offer of the seeds. It would be interesting to see what pops up...

Did I give you some cuttings for the lavender one Dianne? 

Over your side of town you have Indigiscapes for native plants.

Hi Lissa, no I didn't get any but would be grateful if you could give me a piece at one of the GV's..Thanks

I'll take some cuttings this morning and put them in water. They should be rooted for you by the time of the visit with any luck.

Thanks very much Lissa.

Thanks so much Lissa for the Lavender Cat's Whiskers. It has taken pride of place in the front garden...

Hi Dianne;

Yes, I get the 'husband needs to drive' thing (I DO have a licence but a very small 'home range', due to being a nervous Nellie on the roads!).

Kumbartcho's nursery IS open on Easter Saturday, 8am 'til noon, Dianne, and other weekend times as per their website.

What good hubbies we have! ;)

:) Lainie.


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