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Carindale resident (and BLF member) a finalist for her educational App

A Carindale resident is achieving great things both in her garden and in app development with positive implications for the environment, health, food security and children’s education. 

Susan McKinnon

Susan McKinnon of Carindale

Susan McKinnon, a teacher at Seven Hills State School, and finalist in the Acer Team Unlimited competition, wants everyone to become a gardener for a better future. See how you can vote for Susan, the only Queensland finalist, via the link at the bottom of this article.


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Sounds like a great idea!

Sounds great. Voting - it turns out that to do that the 'voter' needs to 'like' on Facebook and do retweets on Twitter. Unless I'm missing something, there's no straight vote at all.

Hi Elaine and THANK you Scarlett

Yes you're correct, Acer have chosen a social media competition to award $25,000 to fund the most popular 'dream- ie contestant chosen by the public' - so for my age-bracket, with my friends, family, gardening acquaintances who have busy work, family lives and perhaps don't use Facebook or Twitter yet it isn't possible to get many direct points. HOWEVER!!! you could REALLY help by emailing/telling people, passing the word along because maybe a neice/nephew,neighbour, son, daughter, cousin, friend, library mate may have Facebook or Twitter and you could nicely 'bend their arm' to help get the APP made for our kids to use, made here by a QLD company with the money? (and it will cost the $25,000 to do it- a lot of looking for sponsors if I miss this opportunity, but not impossible, just longer and harder) With your creative thought on HOW to get the most clicks on as many of the posts as possible we can get an organic gardening App that touches on new words for kids (permaculture/biodynamics/radionics/biological agriculture) because I know we can build a bright future if we get carbon in the ground with more gardening, more humus building, organically, so kids will grow up knowing how to feed themselves for health in the future. You can check in and follow my journey all the same, perhaps even taking the time to email any tips, thoughts you have on what children ought to know and what a not-for-profit game should have so I can make the best App possible, even tell me what you loved about gardening as a child and still do! to 

Thank you very much - I appreciate any and all you can do to help the earth and our children. 

Good on you Susan!

It looked like you had to "like" on FB to vote - which I've done. Hope I haven't missed anything - ok, just read the other postings and I see that is the case.

This is Susan's Facebook page -

Click her to Like, gives her 1 point.

Adding a comment gives her another point.

This is the page to vote for Susan:, just click on link then click on her image. Click FB icon for 10 points. Ditto for Twitter icon.

This is a great app for kids.

It's not as straightforward as that, unfortunately. I'd love to vote for her but I do not do Facebook and while I do do Twitter, I need to actually tweet. Just clicking on either icon doesn't register a vote, you have to login first.

Thank YOU Kathryn, tonight I met some of Brisbane's TRUE game community at an exhibition the State Library are running until April called Garage Gamer people who've played every game since they were small. and I really GET the attraction because as a preschool teacher, imaginative ROLE playing games where the way children learnt, making the narrative, going on quests. Role playing in games is exactly what helped to teach them vocabulary, how to get along and re-present what was happening in the world. I want to replicate this with gardening knowledge in the microscopic and insect world we know as gardeners are some of the basics for plant growth.

I SO believe I can deliver on this game - I'm not a coder, but I am an artist, I can operate 3D modelling and animation programs, I have a Graduate Cert. in Creative writing from QUT and I can work away steadily on the project.

I am grateful for every point to get this app funded by ACER so it hits the streets sooner than I can make it saving up to contract the parts I can't make myself. What I need is those BIG 10 points from  this site for as many posts as you can manage hitting the SHARE button to your Facebook and the one for Retweets. (Elaine if you hit the TWEET button you only need to log in to your Twitter account and the website posts it automatically for you without the need for a message, if that helps?) If you hit the SHOUT OUT button at the top you can write a comment, give me some encouragement as you do here, that tells me the game IS a good idea. THANK you for your support, I am humbled and inspired to make it happen for children and the planet.

Is there somewhere we can look at the app or read a description of it before voting for it?

I can't find a specific description of the app design, but here is some general info from Susan:

Hi Sue, Scarlett & others, I am in the early days of drawing the graphics, making the animations, working with a modeler, rapidly learning about the programming parametres. Your vote can be give Acer’s funding to financially support the dream of either a rock singer, a competition web site developer, a TV sports producer or my not-for-profit gardening App for children to be made professionally should I gain sufficient points from the SHARES/LIKES/RETWEETS. I have been using 3DSMax and Flash for game scenarios, but I found it won't cross to Apple for iPad, iPhone use easily, so am reworking. The company with links below however I found have a way to transfer across so all may not be lost! The avatars are coming along, children will dress their avatar with appropriate gear for gardening considering points for safety and health aspects. They then fill their basket with what they think, and will learn they need to garden - tools, watering can with diluted worm wee, comfrey tea, etc, the 'daily drill' types of basics and routines that reinforce what you might do 'in the real garden' and how to set up the soil for success. I believe a lot of teachers, parents, kids are turned off because things eat their crop, they didn’t know how to prepare the soil and keep treating it to grow a strong plant. I believe these understanding will become automatic if a child loves playing in the new ‘app video game playground’ they enjoy in a balanced day. So once the child has this knowledge, they are ready to address split second decision making for pests, diseases e.g. 'in coming' bronze citrus bug, grasshopper, caterpillar, ants, earthworms - What do you do? Which creature is welcome to stay? What do you use to remove the unwated? Issues we face, soil treatments we use, recipes to foliar spray that don't involve chemicals. Also what to do to bring in beneficial and make the plant strong so it gives off the infrared signal so bugs leave it alone and attack a stressed, weaker plant instead - small facts, big impact to help everyone learn to add more organic matter and compost. It will take me years working with friends and as I can afford to bring in the professional help required to upload with a coder to platforms at the end, so the prize money would enable the 'tasks' to be outsourced quicker, getting the App out there to schools and families sooner. Take a look at the recent video at Winny St Crop Swap Meanwhile I would love the game App to have this look&feel if I had the money to afford this company’s work Filter Frenzy Not sure how much to upload at this stage Sue for intellectual property? Thanks for your interest.

Warm regards


Hi everyone, just thought I'd bump this as there are only 3 days left to vote.  I've been voting every day by liking her posts and twisted hubby's arm to do so too.  I think the app is a great idea.  Kids are going to be using apps so why not make it a positive educational one.

Thank YOU Vanessa, I'm doing my all to make it a reality funded by ACER should we togther get sufficient Social Media SHARES LIKES and RETWEETS EITHER go here and follow the SHARE LIKE RETWEET links on as many posts or and LIKE, the SHARE and LIKE he posts you find interesting EACH SHARE = 10 votes/points EACH LIKE = 2 votes/points RETWEETS=10 votes/points Thank you. Would you consider getting a account ASAP? Easy to set up, make a name, password and your email address, no adds like Facebook, easy to close too! Then search @susan_acer_tu to FOLLOW, click on face and then Tweets, if you click RETWEET under the Tweet(word for short message) it gives the kid's project 10 votes/points over 200 postsx10 points each 2000 points potential per Twitter person!! We can win this for Brisbane, let alone QLD the children and planet! thank you :)


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