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has anyone had success growing Camellia sinensis

 in the Brisbane area?  Go Green rainforest nursery has some 

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Phil & I were discussing this at GV - we didn't quite know. Epicurious at Southbank had some, not sure if they were moved or removed - could maybe check with them?
I had a chat to the Epicurious gardeners yesterday and they said the Tea Plant is fine to grow here. They recently transplanted them to give them more space but like a sunny spot :)

I think it will be up to one of us to give it a go. Any idea how much Go Green nursery charges for a seedling?

awaiting reply from Go green but did hear it was $22 

There is a wholesaler who may be able to help with info. They are a long lived shrub if you can manage to grow one.  Would love to know how you go with growing and processing the leaves.

tried to find a pant today at the BOGI fair no tea but had to come home before we totally filled the car with plants !!!!! it was super AWESOME! just spent several hours planting and more to do tomorrow !!!! 

I purchased my Camellia sinensis from Whitehouse Nursery

I have it in a small pot it has been quite successful but it got a little sad when I was in hospital last year and is still recovering. The plant was very small when I first received it.

So pleased you had a good time at BOGI fair, would have loved to go but so hard for me now I am not allowed to drive.

Camellia sinensis - Tea Plant

  • Camellia sinensis - Tea Plant

This is the plant they use to make tea. It is a slow growing evergreen that has fragrant flowers that bloom in spring. It is the leaves that one makes tea from.

Black Tea is made when the leaves are fermented then dried.

Green Tea is made when the leaves are steamed and then dried.

Tea has many health benefits through it's antioxidants.

Height to 2m Width to 1.5 - 2m. Prefers dappled shade. Drought and Frost tolerant. 75mm Pot

What did you get ? :D

have ordered one from go green at Landsborough they dont have any in stock at the moment - does any one know if they will grow from cutting - most Camelias do easily !

Camellia sinensis plants are being sold at Bunnings (Warner at least) for around $20 (from memory). There were 6 or more when I saw them in the Camellia section.


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