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Where are you buying your seed potatoes  they all seem to be coming from other states  do they produce seed potato in Queensland.The big green shed seem to be over charging by selling only one kilo seed potatoes at excessive prices the same potatoes in 5 kg packages are a lot cheaper looking at Internet and e bay but interstate postage makes expensive .

If you are buying eating potatoes to plant washed potatoes grow just as well as unwashed  as long as not chemically treated to stop sprouting  may even sprout quicker  as i have purchased baby kestrel potatoes from aldi  half kilo bags 8 to 12 potatoes per half kilo i look for the 10 to 12 per  bags  and they seem to sprout quicker then the ones i harvest that seem to take forever to sprout  but it may be how long after planting  or cold storage that makes them sprout quicker.

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Produce stores probably have them by the sack. If there's any left; ours in Rothwell has closed down.

Yes i saw they closed down where do you go now.

Not checked it out yet but there is a produce store on the Eastern Service Road (old highway) at Burpengary near the caravan, RV yards. They are supposed stockists of the Mt Sylvia minerals.

Hi Jeff. Definitely try produce stores. I have 2 near me (Capalaba produce store and Patersons produce) and they both had sacks of them. From memory, about $4 -5 per kilo



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