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One of the country's major suppliers of ale vera plants  is located in Brisbane --aloe aloe-- but the do not sell retail.

Does anyone know of a local retail nursery that offers a range of aloes?

I seem to be smitten.

My patch loves succulents...

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Most general nurseries sell a range of succulents. Not necessarily Aloes as such. We have a few plants here you can have some pieces of if that's any help.

On the Aloe Aloe site they have information on WHERE TO FIND PLANTS - RETAIL

I know of a garden I pass every morning on the way to work with quite a few varieties growing. They've been blooming profusely in different colours the last few months. It's in the property of Glama Co Arana Hills where Pimelea and Dawson come together. They might be amenable to you taking some cuttings if asked nicely.

Then there is eBay. Some of these are quite expensive and none show or discuss flowers that I can see. Assuming you are after different flowers.

I did find a supplier of aloe aloe -- Bunnings has them IN STOCK. And what a stunning range there is. On special too! Usual price $19 -- Bunnings have em for $16 regardless of size.

From wee plants to giants. An amazing collection of a fav succulent.

With the hotter Summers and any drought conditions, aloes are a wonderful garden plant to consider. Huge range of natural types--LINK-- but aloe aloe, a South African company,  have pushed the envelope and offer a variety of types you'd take years to replicate by hunting down natural stock.

Over 450 species of Aloe have been described with diverse forms and sizes. The genus includes small grass-like herbs and stemless succulent rosettes a few inches tall to larger species with stout 60ft trunks, occupying the ecological niche of trees. Aloes, with a waxy surface to their succulent leaves, are well-adapted to harsh climates with infrequent precipitation. They can flower many times with clusters of yellow, orange or red tubular flowers, angled downwards on a simple or branched inflorescence.
Aloes are distributed across sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, and Arabia. Aloes feature in prehistoric rock art by bushmen, and have been cultivated for thousands of years. Although Aloes are mentioned in the Bible, this probably refers to another resinous plant. However, the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus (ca. 1552 BC) refers to the medicinal value of Aloes, which were also used in embalming. Aloes were known to the Greeks by 400 BC. The Greek herbal of Dioscorides (41-68 AD) recommends Aloe applied externally for wounds, hemorrhoids, ulcers and hair loss, and internally as a laxative.

Dave, I believe you can order from buyplantsonline  they have 2 types on their website and can locate others if needed, the postage price is too much, but pick up is at Morningside or Alexandra Hills, and there is a minimum order size.  I would be interested in a couple if you are looking for numbers.

There is also the e-auction site where usmobhere sells aloes at about $8 ea and you may be able to pick them up at Caboolture area.

The aloes love being planted in terra cotta pots and they have beautiful flowers.  One of the ones at Morningside flower for up to 10 months of the year.


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